New Wii RPG Trailer: Monado - Beginning Of The World

TGH writes:
"This one here flew under the radar. And by the looks of it, it seems to be the Wii version of Final Fantasy 12. From the visuals..."

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nothere4133516d ago

But that's not necessarily a bad thing. This game looks pretty good so far.

theusedfake3516d ago

Looks pretty good to me,
except the way the main character
runs lol

qface643516d ago

i actually like im seeing here just saw the trailer looks good the character needs to change though he doesn't look all that great

TOO PAWNED3516d ago

New Wii RPG Trailer: Monado - Beginning Of NO ONE CARES!

Smacktard3516d ago

Yeah! Games that don't have a lot of hype surrounding them are STUPID!

you are today's HRDKORE!!!! gamer.

That's not a compliment, by the way.

bitboi3516d ago

you obviously did, because you took the time to comment on it ;)

ChickeyCantor3515d ago

Unit, it doesn't work lik that XD

bitboi3515d ago

if he didn't care for the game, why even comment on it? just move along and ignore it.

ChickeyCantor3515d ago

O no wait i thought you were replying to smack.
My bad =)

bitboi3515d ago

No prob, i should have put "@Too Pawned" in my reply

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Hiruma Youchi3515d ago

i want arc phansia over this.

Immortal Kaim3515d ago

Cool, I need more RPG's on the Wii.

Anyone have Rune Factory on Wii, it isn't out in Aus yet and I'm looking forward to it...

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The story is too old to be commented.