Uncharted 2 beta: an Australian perspective

Fuchal of NGG writes, "I am 24 hours into the closed beta for Uncharted 2, after going into it with no idea of what to expect. What was Uncharted 2 going to do differently from its predecessor to not only improve upon it, but to eclipse it?"

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lloyd_wonder4253d ago

Wow. A review for a beta? Nice.

Struz4253d ago

Interesting, I've never seen this done before. It doesn't really make sense but hey?

himdeel4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago ) can shoot during CTF but only using a pistol. I was playing on the night the beta was available and had a blast.

I was moving briskly with the treasure during CTF and a this guy on the other team started shooting at me from behind. I tossed the treasure through a nearby window and jump in behind it. The guy shooting me kept firing into the window behind me. I grabbed the treasure and started shooting back at him. He started running towards me and was tearing me up (close to death) when one of my teammates ran up behind him and snapped his neck.

It was AWESOME!!

raztad4253d ago


Why to put a number, why to score a pre-released beta game? this is worse than score a map pack.

BTW, I was into the beta for two o three matches and it is quite good. No lags, graphics are beautiful, rock solid, the action is very frantic, the cover system works very well. I liked it, even if Im a SP mainly guy. Im all inFAMOUS right now.

TheBlackSmoke4253d ago

Aside from the ridiculously long matchmaking (though still faster than gears), i have to say that naughty dog have nailed it. Yes theres a few bugs here and there (such as the more than one person climbing the same object bug)but overall the game is smooth as silk with no lag at all. For me personally the best thing is snapping necks.... seriously its like crack, theres nothing more exciting then climbing up the side of a sniper tower and snapping the cheap mofos neck lol.

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nostalgic_noob4253d ago

The Beta is so much fun and the Co-op is Kick ASSS

bokspeed4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

uncharted 1 was great but UC2 will knock it for six and its multiplayer will be so much fun - how can it not be? I can imagine it being tactical and dynamic with superb graphics and gameplay....all online.

kevnb4253d ago

the multiplayer isnt all that tactical (imo a good thing, when I watched the demonstation of mag I couldnt see myself playing it). But the gameplay mechanics and map layouts make it awesome.

saimcheeda4253d ago

at e3 was freakin awesome!!!

Dead_Cell4253d ago

But it really is good on Uncharted 2,you really have to work together to get the mission done and watch for friendly fire.
At the end of the mission some massive armoured bloke was holding Drake hostage and I managed to get a headshot on him while they were struggling from across the map.
Epic fun =D

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The story is too old to be commented.