First "Game addiction" clinic to open next month.

The first of its kind, a fully operational clinic specially designed to help young teens and others kick the habit. No, no, not a drinking or drug problem, but rather a gaming addiction. Smith & Jones Addiction Consultants based in The Netherlands intend to open their first gaming addiction clinic next month in Europe.

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OutLaw6533d ago

Parents should be responsible for their own Teens. First this, then they are going to say how disturb your child is. After that the government will get into it and say how professionals did research and prove that violent games does cause children to kill people. It's stupid. We as individuals are responsible for ourselves and love ones. People shouldn't have to go to a clinic to stop playing video games. This is how I would do it. Billy, Get your ass of that system now!! Before I take a hammer to it. Trust me he will listen.

speed6532d ago (Edited 6532d ago )

thanks Outlaw. you HAVE to be responsible for your kids because let me tell you there are no bigger advocates of your children than yourselves. Never blindly put your children in someone elses care, psychologically or physically. The average person is not aware of how much child abuse is prevalent in the world, even in daycare centers. Children are being kidnapped and sold as slaves all over the world but its kept quiet. Not just third world countries either, we're talking the good ol' US of A and other super powers. Heard of Dyncorp? An entire corporation that engages in this.

Sorry, I just get a little pissed....

OutLaw6532d ago

What you was saying are good points at least people do feel that we need to be responsible for the ones we create. Nobody is going to love us like family.

joemutt6533d ago

How easy would it be for you to quit playing video games? For me it would take professional help. If kids are glued to their consoles and not doing schoolwork, they might need help, plus their parents might work late or something. Just like drugs, alcohol, tobacco, porn, etc. people need help quitting bad habits, and if playing games is ruining your life, it is a bad habit. period.

I am glad someone cares, I might need them oneday. I will be sitting in a big circle,

"My name is Joe, and I am a gameaholic"

"Hi Joe"

The usual AA meeting greeting, lol.

OutLaw6533d ago

I understand what you're saying but this opens the door for alot people to analyze whats wrong with kids today. I say if someone brings a child into this world then they should be responsible for that child. I know video games are addicting but lets be for real here. You can't compare that to something that causes physical harm to you like drugs or drinking. There are somethings in life that a parent needs to be responsible for and if not then don't have kids. You don't bring somebody into this world and expect a nanny to take care of your children for you. You could be even endangering your child more because of leaving him or her in the care of somebody you don't truly know. If you like the idea great. Get some help then. But I rather trust in my family then talk to a stranger about my problems.

joemutt6532d ago

I know it sounds silly, gameaholic, but really how constructive are video games? Right now they aren't but in the future we will have to learn things from them. Just like saying someone can be addicted to watching TV, thats not good unless they are watching Discovery channel or something, then they are actually learning.

I agree with you on how you will raise a family and I will raise mine the same way, but some peoples parents dont care about them (ssj) and they have no support.

Or it could be a way for some psychiatrist to make money being the first one to help gameaholics. Who knows how it will end up, I see a bunch of kids with rich parents sending them there because they bought their kids every console and every game and now they have no social skills. Just like if the parents allowed them to drink. For us its stupid, but for some it could be a lifesaver.

LK6532d ago


HaHa6532d ago

and also a big time gamer, but this is beyond words. gameaholic......... this is just playin stupid, there will be a day they will say games are like drugs or worse :S

speed6532d ago

from your words I am doubting you're really a psychologist. game addiction is a reality and a real addiction. anything that causes dependence and obsession needs to be taken seriously. look at what's happened with EverQuest and WarCraft.

what is as you say, "stupid" is how the pharmaceutical companies (psychotropic drugs) have become criminal organizations. they use the side effects that their own drugs cause to sell more drugs to treat those very side effects. genius really.

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thorstein2d ago

It was worrisome to begin with.

It's a niche genre with only a handful of hits that can stand the test of time.

Cacabunga1d 23h ago

I like the sound of that!! I will for sure never support these gaas games.
Sony must be shocked at gamer's reaction, making them cancel a few of these and hopefully go back to the good heavy hitters they had us used to..
now bring on that PSPro reveal and show us some SP 1st party awesomeness.

CrimsonWing692d ago

What’s to be unsure of!? Look at the ratio of success to failure!

DarXyde2d ago

It's pretty ridiculous.

Imagine having a breadth of data at your disposal to see the statistically low success rate of these games, only to be laser focused on the exceptional case studies.

shinoff21832d ago

Yes. Stop all the live service bs.

jznrpg2d ago

Only a few will catch on. You need a perfect storm to be successful in GaaS and a bit of luck on top of that. But a potential cash cow will keep them trying and some will go out of business because of it.


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