Who Won at E3? --- Microsoft vs Sony

Every year during the calm after the storm known as E3, the video gaming world debates about which major corporation had the best showing at E3. Here at Gaming Bolt, we're not in the business of promoting fanboyism by declaring a winner, but we can tell you where we think Microsoft and Sony succeeded and where they failed. Below you will find our top 5 successes and top 5 failures for each of the two companies. From there we'll let you decide for yourself who was the most impressive at E3 '09.

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Daz3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

The gamers did:) Great games from both, i cannot wait :P

Disagrees for what ? lamo i love this site.

Happy days.

Maddens Raiders3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

commitment to gamers, games, innovation and a (((variety))) of genres to compliment all of their platformed endeavours clearly makes them the default, "man amongst boys," in the room. Continue SONY on your march toward yet another console war victory....bravo, bravo.

jkoz3423d ago

As if we didn't have two of these articles yesterday....

badz1493423d ago

funny when the best show is only between M$ and Sony! poor ninty but I guess they're too busy swimming in cold hard cash to even care! but at least they improved over last year's disaster!

TheAntiFanboy3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

The gamers won. Sony fans are happy. Microsoft fans are happy. Everyone's happy. It's a win-win situation. No one loses. The world is at peace.

How can you possibly dislike an outcome like this?

gameplayer3423d ago

I have to admit I was surprised Sony didn't drop the price atleast $50...

Neoraf3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

2009 console exclusive:

+ Splinter Cell Conviction
+ Halo: ODST
+ Crackdown 2
+ Forza Motorsport 3
+ Left4Dead 2
+ Shadow Complex
+ Fallen Earth

AND 2010:

+ Alan Wake
+ Mass Effect 2
+ Halo:Reach
+ Supreme Commander 2


+ Metal Gear Solid franchise on 360 too from now on.
+ Final Fantasy 14 also coming to 360.
+ Online Store for full 360 games
+ Facebook and Twitter INTEGRATED in NXE.
+ Last.FM on Xbox Live
+ 1080p INSTANT movie streaming rentals
+ Original Perfect Dark in full 1080p on XBLA

AND... and...

+ Project Natal, Milo and Xbox 360 controlled via gesture and face+voice recognition.

Microsoft did an awesome job.
They are building the future.

Willio3423d ago

Its not really suprising if you think longterm.

Heres my prediction: Sony will drop the price by $50 next year and the following year once Xbox3 comes out to steal the thunder from its inauguration. Business 101 is to undercut your competition. Had Sony dropped price this year, people will expect the continuation yearly. Furthermore, had Sony dropped the price in April as many have predicted espcially including MS, Sony's 10 year plan wont last because they cant drop the price anymore in the future and Xbox3 could take advantage again. Sony wants the roles to reverse where Xbox3 have to start at a high price point and suffer from *no games, cost too much* ordeal.

darkmurder3423d ago

These articles annoy me! Seriously, teh bloody site doesn't even post which was better and then gave a fail to MS for not having a handheld which was only a rumour and to Sony for leaking the Psp-go. Gee hell good article!

Syronicus3423d ago

I have all three consoles and will say that teh only winners here are the gamers. Each confrence showed some good titles and even though Nintendo was a bit lackluster, I can't wait to play another Mario game. All three showed me that I will have games to play in the future and that is all that matters to me.

Beast_Master3423d ago

Here is the most glaring sign that MS lost... THEY DEMOED A FRICKIN XBLA TITLE...End of story. Sony has Grand Turismo, LBP, Assasin's Creed Bloodlines for PSP that they could barely show any footage of. Not to mention Pixel Junk Shooter for PSN. If you think MS won that press event then you are not a gamer! MS proved what we have been saying for months "They haven't reveiled any games yet this year because they don't have any!" This fall you can play your 2 exclusives Halo and L4D2.

Rockox3423d ago

@Syronicus: "I will have games to play in the future and that is all that matters to me."

No truer words have ever been spoken, good sir. People need to chill out and enjoy the fact that there's a whole whack of great new games coming out for the console of their preference.

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Foxgod3423d ago

Sony still hasnt convinced me to get a ps3.
I always said from the start i only get a ps3 if Suikoden turns out to be playstation exclusive.

Microsoft on the other hand made me happy with their new gaming announcements and their new innovative product.

BYE3423d ago

Some are happy with announcements and over-the-top marketing presentation, others need games that are actually there.

I'm going back to play Uncharted 2 beta now.

Unicron3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Microsoft still didn't convince me to get a 360. I care not for Halo and the rest of the big titles are multiplatform.

Weird eh? Don't be such a fanboy, both had good showings.

xwabbit3423d ago

lol foxgod, ur reaching i did not murder him fan boy lvl dude, gotta watch out that

SupaPlaya3423d ago

you should see if you can find the new Uncharted 2 trailer (I downloaded it from PSN), it is AMAZING...

Seriously, go watch it, it's that good.

Off to watch my free episode of Voltron from PSN :P

Halo3 MLG Pro3423d ago

HAHA Why is he a fanboy? Just because he doesn't want to buy a ps3 yet? I swear you kids are ridiculous. If Sony released a Twisted Metal bundle than I would be there Day 1 picking it up. But as of now, I didn't see anything that I need on the ps3. My 360 is more than enough to keep my gaming needs satisfied. :)

el zorro3423d ago

Is Unicron, who has something like 8 or 9 bubbles, a level 10 fanboy as well, since he stated that he doesn't see a reason to get a 360?

Why isn't he being attacked for his comment?

I personally think that there are reasons to own both platforms, but I do prefer my 360.

slayorofgods3423d ago

I still don't understand why people would choose a xbox360 over just upgrading their p.c. Most 360 games are just computer games available on a console (Mass Effect, Left4Dead, Gears of war) However with the xbox360 people will be missing out on diablo 3 and star craft 2.

However, if you want console games Sony is the way to go with a line up of non-computer games.

leyego3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

i partly agree with 2.0 and 2.2 sony barely sold me there console with MGS and disgaea 3

while xbox still hasn't sold me theres, only has 1 game i want and thats fable 2.
even after that conference i still wont buy a 360, not enough games i want on it yet.

as for sony tho, i can see buying a ps3 for GOW3, white knight, and ff14 (huge ff11 fan played it for 2 years non stop)

all in all if MS snags the big ps2 games (aka KH3, and suikoden 6) from sony id buy one.

butterfinger3423d ago

Unicron isn't getting attacked simply because he was obviously being sarcastic trying to prove a point. If you couldn't see what he was trying to do there then you fail.

Why o why3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

what is with you and twisted metal. Ive never played it so i cant understand its pull. aint it like destruction derby with guns

# el zorro

WHOOOOOOOSH *over your head* f'boy goggles cannot decipher SARCASM IRONY OR COMMON SENSE
....take em off


aghh.. i remember those days. time spent looking for drivers, configuration issues and all the rest of it. For me pc gaming died along with the point n click adventure games and UT 2004.

Silellak3423d ago

There are plenty of reasons to get a 360 instead of just "upgrading your PC".

1. Price. 360 is cheaper, unless you already have a top of the line PC and are just upgrading your video card.

2. Local multiplayer. Can you play 4 player Rock Band on your PC? What about Castle Crashers? Scene It? Anything at all? That social aspect matters to a lot of people. Like me.

3. Convenience. I just got the Sims 3 for the PC. It was quite entertaining...until it froze my PC 30 minutes in. No other games do this. Why does Sims 3? Is it a driver issue? Some small with my hardware? It could be any number of things. With the 360 (RROD aside, obviously), as with any console, you stick the game in, and play.

4. The ease of getting Netflix/other HD videos right on your HDTV. Sure, it's POSSIBLE to do with the PC - but most people don't want to deal with the hassle.

5. XBLA. Many of those games don't come out on PC. Some of those are very, very good games.

I could go on, but I'm sure you get the point. For me, it's really about convenience. I was a PC gamer for a long time, but I got some of all the bullcrap that comes with it. I don't have the patience to tinker with drivers anymore. I just want to play my damn games.

el zorro3423d ago

What exactly was his point, guys? To show that anybody can have a preference and preferences Foxgod isn't entitled to have a preference?

What is there to make a point about? Foxgod expressed an opinion, the same as everybody else is doing. There was nothing to make a point about.

Anyway, I wasn't really trying to call Unicron out because he seems to be a fairly level-headed guy from what I have seen. This comment however was misplaced and made no sense, given the context.

Why o why3423d ago

it wasn't misplaced. your perception was. but kudos for stepping back a little...we know its hard for ya;)

GiantEnemyCrab3423d ago

I know I'm not the best vouch here but Unicron is far from a fanboy. He just doesn't have a reason to buy the 360 as Foxgod doesn't for the PS3. Nothing wrong with that. He spends lots of time giving props when it's due whether Xbox or PS3 or Nintendo.

I don't think Unicron was saying that to be a fanboy more than to point out what Foxgod said didn't need to be said. If you don't have anything you want on the PS3 and don't plan on buying one I don't think you need to make a comment like that.

I've done it as well so no bash on Foxgod.

skip2mylou3423d ago

i swear Foxgod is arron greenburg

kaveti66163423d ago

I should apologize, I once called unicron a Sony fanboy but after reading more of his comments my opinion has changed. HE obviously loves the PS3, as do I, but he does give 360 props when it deserves them. Foxgod, I don't want to jump the gun and call you a fanboy as well but I think your statement was kind of fanboyish. Both had great showings. Microsoft came with the stars and showed some cool features and a couple great games. Sony came out with a bunch of great games and a couple new features. It was kind of an inverse situation but as gamers we all win.

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skatezero2463423d ago

In my personal Opinion both showed great games but the games Sony showed I'm more interested in so I'll give the edge to Sony (imo) really thats all it comes down to (opinion)

3423d ago
rucky3423d ago

You post more dumb anti-PS3 comments more than any other person here in N4G. Now you talk about respecting ones opinion as long as they don't say crap about your preferred console? Great another hypocrite, just talk sh!t or don't talk at all.

ThanatosDMC3423d ago

HAHAHAH! That was funny! Bubbles for you!

"So Gwave, if you read this, go suck yourself."

360DownINflames3423d ago

This could wind up being the biggest EPIC OWNAGE of all time if Sony was to pass M$ in sales...

Crazy! Total 234449994949494 degree turn!

Foxgod3423d ago

Imagine if Natal becomes the next standard for gaming.
Then as the fanboy you are, you will be eating your own dung.

Simon_Brezhnev3423d ago

its funny how xbox fanboys love the Natal but hated the wii yet microsoft copied almost every single damn thing. Look at the car game with avatars like i said before xbox fanboys on this site are the most delusional.

RonDeMuerte3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Natal will never become a standard for gaming you dumb xbot!! that system is too damn broken and it will never have a mass appeal or will it ever function properly!!! and who the [email protected] seriously wants to play their games like buttons or triggers...let's see how far that goes!!! Microsoft only showed this revolutionary way of playing crap just to create a splash at E3...they're always about creating splash and in the end....not delivering at all!!! it's like when they announced Microsoft Surface like a million years ago!!!! where's that revolutionary piece of sh!t!!!!????

Hey Shadowman!!! yeah you down there....yesterday you admitted that Sony's conference was slightly better....which is kinda dumb....because it was waaaaaay better.....but now you say that it was a tie!!! that's just completely dumb...haha your credibility sucks...but that's no surprise considering your horrible choice for a console....hahahaha and if you were being at's know it was better...haha asking me??...if not...well I'll answer anyways........what do I think of Sony's motion controller??....hhhhhmmmmmm... makes for better gameplay's not really my thing....but it's still better than natal....soooo much better than natal......natal will be frustrating at best!!!! what you'll be able to do with that is gonna be so damn limited....hehehe

There you go Shadow....Oner just owned you in the most sophisticated, informative, and respectful of ways.....not really my style...but it works very well..

Shadow Man3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

What about Sonys Controller? What do you have to say about that?

Oner3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

^Easy^ They started the use of motion with their Eye Toy in the LAST GEN with the PS2 and now M$ is trying to claim Sony's innovation as their own...

Sony has had that tech on a console YEARS ago along with started on the implementation of integrating a controller for even more accuracy, options and capabilities.

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