New Heavy Rain Gameplay Video

Gamersyde provide a further look at the Playstation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain with a presentation from David Cage featuring the character Madison.

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Leio3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Oh man ! Wheres the shaving option????

Chubear3428d ago

I only see Sony pushing boundaries to bring more high quality and varied gaming experiences. No other console pushes gaming to the extent Sony does with their PS3 and that's why I unashamedly support mainly exclusive 1st & 2nd party games.

Support developers who try to bring new high quality gaming experiences instead of rehashed same ol same ol that pushes nothing at all just for a quick easy buck.

Support developers who try to go out on a limb for gamers instead of those that play safe all the time and churn out run of the mill games with marketing hype.

SaberEdge3428d ago

Looks great, I'm really looking forward to this game.

Chubear, I don't know why you had to make your comment into something fanboyish. Heavy Rain looks fresh and PS3 owners should be excited, but don't act like there aren't innovative games on the 360. Alan Wake looks just as good and has me just as excited. We need more good storytelling in games in my opinion, and I am just happy that we are getting more of it on all sides.

sniper-squeak3428d ago

This is how detailed the next GTA should be... only on Playstation 3.

Imagine: "GTA V: Agent" :D - that would kill all announcements

TheExecutive3428d ago

wow, that was impressive. The animation, the colors it just looked fantastic.


It's just me or this one looked a lot better than last videos? I was disapointed at animations for this tittle when first gameplay videos come, considering the pre-render and the fact that this is an Adventure, where most of the action will be pre-scripted instead of physic based...

But now this one looks really cool. And it's almost as good as I had expected, specially for face animation. Eigher the other videos/parts don't make the quality of the animation aparent, or those guys are really pushing improvement of this game.

Now, considering the time they have 'till release, my hopes have gone up again.

Edit: Uncanny Valley my @ss, I want to do that chick! LOL

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digoutyoursoul83428d ago

is it wrong to be slightly aroused watching that video?

YoMeViet3428d ago

Unless you're gay, tis A-O-K

Gambit073428d ago

She aroused me the 1st time I laid my eyes on her a while back.

BlackPrince 423428d ago

I thought this was supposed to be marketed as a game for adults, not an adult video game. What are they doing appealing to the horny teenager demographic, something this clip is clearly designed to do.

It's fine to include scenes like this in the context of a story, but out of context it just seems like QD is going the Bioware route in playing up the sex aspect for publicity.

It's a shame because I have high hopes for this game.

Lfmesquite3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

This game is just trying to be real. It has everything, it's not just a typical video game. It's all about the story and how you control it.

That girl is obviously tying to be undercover to get information.

Lets say you don't do this part right and you don't look as good, you probably don't get as far as you need to. But the game still continues a little differently.

Hellsvacancy3428d ago

"How far will u go 2 save sum1 u love" (obviously the grammar differs lol)

PAPERCHASER03963428d ago

Hopefully mother will take the time to read the darn box.... so please don't make stupid comments on video

Cupid_Viper_33428d ago

Dude out of all the things we've seen and heard about Heavy Rain, and you choose this 1 scene to make some bullsh1t assumption of what the game is about?

we've seen so many aspects, like the girl in the interview, so bitter, considering murder/suicice, We've seen that other guy with his "addiction" problem, we've read about this very same girl getting caught in the Murderer's house and had to fight for her life, the whole story about the murder of a little girl, and how during the investigation, strangers come to share a common goal.....

I guess the movie "CRASH" is an adult movie too instead of a movie geared towards Adults because in the beginning, that white cop was fingering that other guy's girl?

just admit that you're bitter, or you simply dont understand what's in front of you, "Adult situations"

BlackPrince 423428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )


Read what I wrote guys.

I'm not debating the merits of the game, who the hell knows how it will turn out at this point. I'm criticizing they way it's being introduced to the public. First Gametrailers gets footage of Madison lap dancing in a thong, then Kotaku gets video of her pressing up against a window and running around in her underwear, and now N4G sees here upping her sex appeal in front of a mirror.

And I'm not trying to downplay the other media that's been shown, the Mad Jack and Taxidermist scenes were both fascinating to me. But the funny thing is, both of those scenes were given some context about what they had to do with the story, despite the fact that the Taxidermist was a demo independent of the main story.

I think that if QD is going to brag, and they have been, that they are making a mature game that appeals to mature tastes, and I'm not talking the ESRB rating, then they should back that up with media that expresses how intelligent a story they have written or how well you'll identify with the characters.


Crash was not marketed on titillating sex scenes now was it.

I'll end this wall of text that no one will read with a ZP video that I think is a bit more punchy than what I can write here but illustrates my point, just skip to 3:20.


blind-reaper3428d ago

you are describing this game as another DOA or Leisure Suit man you have no fkin idea what you are talking about.

BlackPrince 423428d ago

No, I'm comparing to Mass Effect. Comparing it to Leisure Suit though, THAT would be grossly unfair.

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7ero H3LL3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )


now how can this game go against alan wake if this is what to expect when your playing this game. no, this game is NOT like alan wake, it's much different.

the graphics do look a bit nicer than that other guy's segment though.

digoutyoursoul83428d ago

it shouldnt be compared to alan wake as they very different games, the only thing they have in common is that they both look very good graphically.

Lfmesquite3428d ago

This is a game about real life situations and people.

Alan Wake is a horror action game where a writers books come to life and attack him, it's full of shooting and supernatual elements

There's no comparison other than fanboys needed to compare because both games were said to blow you away and both were surrounded by mystery, meaning no one knew anything about them.

I always got pissed off how they compared games we knew nothing about.

Chubear3428d ago

Alan Wake is essentially Alone in the Dark 2.

You better pray that the gameplay doesn't suck bad cause we all know how it goes for games that take over 5yrs before they even release a playable demo.

7ero H3LL3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

"You better pray that the gameplay doesn't suck bad cause we all know how it goes for games that take over 5yrs before they even release a playable demo."

don't know what you mean about that, i do know that once a game has been kept for so long in development it can prosper from major face lifts and stability enhancements, MGS4, KLZ2, Splinter cell C, alan wake, ff13, ect. so frankly the only thing that should matter is once the game is polished and finished.

Tony P3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

This game is the reason I bought a PS3. Some people will buy it for the graphics, but anyone who played Fahrenheit knows what to expect which is a lot of dynamic scenes seeded with QTEs. That is the gameplay and I am totally fine with it. It's the story I'll be paying attention to.

Alan Wake is different in its own way. It's already earmarked for my platform of choice and I'd love to hear more about it.

And um ftr, I don't think anyone supporting Heavy Rain or Alan Wake or both can talk smack about long secretive dev cycles. Seems pretty ironic coming from either camp, if you know what I mean.

SaberEdge3428d ago

"Alan Wake is essentially Alone in the Dark 2."

Sure, keep telling yourself that. Alan Wake is a dynamic open world game with a strong focus on narrative. It just also happens to have some very polished action mechanics as well. It is similar to Heavy Rain in some ways, but different in other ways. You definitely have more control over the action in Alan Wake.

They are both going to be good games.

raztad3428d ago

At first people thought HR and AW were competing but its clear they are different kind of games. Nothing is like HR except perhaps Indigo Prophecy. If you want to compare AW do it with Alone in the Dark or Silent Hill, and please no bs about open world and narrative (if you mean by narrative the annoying voice in the background). AW is just a third person action game, heavy in shooting and supposedly scary situations.

Chubear3428d ago

I dont' have to keep telling myself jack. Just use your own eyes. Go look at gameplay from Alone in the Dark and compare this to it. Alan Wake could easily pass as an Alone in the Dark 2 title.

callahan093428d ago

@ ChuBear:

I thought the same thing when watching the Alan Wake presentation. It looks so much like Alone in the Dark.

I'm cool with that, though, because I for one actually enjoyed Alone in the Dark. I played the PS3 version and liked it quite a bit. If Alan Wake even improves on the formula a little bit, it'll be quite fun in my opinion.

TheExecutive3428d ago

who has been comparing this game to alan wake? No one who has played indigo prophecy would liken it to any other game other than indigo. Seriously, seems weird.

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skatezero2463428d ago

Man, can't wait to I get this game in my PS3 just keeps looking better and better!