No faith in Faith and a .45

TVGB: "First announced early last year, Danish Developer Deadline Games' Faith And A .45, a Bonny and Clyde styled shooter set during the Great Depression, has since been gathering dust due to lack of a publisher."

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allegionary3424d ago

This is unfortunate. I don't see why publishers don't see the potential in this game, but I guess having sequels is safer at the moment!

gaminoz3424d ago

I totally agree. The Crossing and Theseis are two other games that are suffering this fate. All three have great story and gameplay ideas!!

C'mon Ubi, Activision, Warner, et al.! It's a buyers market!

NokutisuxXIII3424d ago

SONY could have publish this instead of the lame ghostbusters game

Unicron3424d ago

I really wanted to see this game make it out the door, damn.

Araceae3424d ago

No! I was thinking it might make a come back at E3 this year, but I guess hope is pretty much lost for this title. Sad, as I think it looked promising.