Project Trico vs. The Last Guardian: a picture comparison

The first Project Trico footage leaked onto the interwebs still has gamers awestruck. But although beautiful, mysterious and artistically striking in the style of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, the action on display is at least 18 months old. Well, now Trico has a new name, The Last Guardian, and the trailer debuted at Sony's press conference shows just what Team ICO have been doing since then. Below, you'll find a picture comparison between the Trico and Guardian videos and the new trailer provided by What a difference a year (and six months) makes.

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Dir_en_grey3518d ago

I hope Ueda switch the designs back cuz IMO both the boy and the bird look cuter in the original. Both were younger in the original and that is probably easier for a wider audience to feel compassion about.

Maybe both are gonna grow up throughout the game and Ueda is just showing us that. Wonder what he has in mind for online also, cuz he's been wanting to do online since Shadow of the Colossus but couldn't bad in the days.

Can't wait to play this...

solar3518d ago

i can not wait to play this either. easily my most anticipated game for my Ps3.

N4U3518d ago

If by "cuter" you mean "lacks a lot of detail in comparison", then I agree with you.

The first design of the creature has blurred features (eg lacks subtle details like a pupil and nostrils), and the shading is far superior in the re-designed creature. It's this blurred effect that gives the early design of the creature a photo-shopped look in screen shots (and even somewhat during video footage). IMO, the greatest examples of improvement between the two designs can be found in comparing their ears and fur.

I do realize that these graphical improvements could have been made without changing so many of the features in the earlier design -- to me, the earlier design looks like a cross between a bird and a mouse (or small rodent), while the later version has features more inline with a puppy, or a small dog -- but, I for one, welcome both the graphical touch-ups (which aren't very subtle) and the new interpretation of our amiable sidekick.

For some reason, the creature used in the latest trailer seems more believable (for lack of a better word), graphics aside. I guess maybe it's because the creature from TRICO (earlier trailer) reminded me of a bird and birds tend not to be very intelligent -- with a couple of exceptions like ravens and parrots. Many breeds of dogs, on the other hand, are quite intelligent and, at the same time, a caring and lovable creature. It just makes more sense to me that the creature be associated more with a lovable pet than a personality-less, brain dead passerine.