PSP veterans strongly supporting PSP Go

Rebellion, the Oxford-based developer that has delivered numerous titles for the PSP, has told Develop that it is ready to support Sony's new handheld.

When asked if the studio is interested in making new games for the PSP Go, Rebellion co-founder Chris Kingsley replied: "Absolutely, we're right behind this new device. We see a bright future ahead for the PSP."

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PS360WII3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Well this is kind of silly. Even if they didn't 'support' the PSP Go if they made a PSP game it would be on the PSP Go.

Captain Tuttle3426d ago

The hardware hasn't changed at all outside of cosmetics (and no UMD).

Blaze9293426d ago

becuase that's more money for them with this whole digital distribution thing for it. No UMDs mean no more renting, selling, trading games in. All profits that are digitally bought goes to them....and Sony too I would guess.

Super-Brad3426d ago

I support the PSP Go as I have the original psp 1000 and I think it's time for an upgrade with that glorious 16gig. :)

njr3426d ago

This is a step forward for digital distribution. Weren't there plenty of UMD haters at the begining of the PSP's launch? Maybe they'll like this one.

-EvoAnubis-3426d ago

I'm right there with you. I still have my 1000 model too, and so far I just didn't see any real point in updating. Ever since I knew about the PSP Go and what it could do (and I've known for quite sometime), I instantly saw the time had come.

FamilyGuy3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Of course they are, this means the possibility of more games being sold because this device isn't hacked, not out of the box/yet anyway.

Plus, for me and a lot of the original 1000 owners have been waiting on this. We wanted this to be the launch model really and i guess now is a better time since flash memory size has grown and lowered in cost so much in the last 4 years.

When the psp was first released and it's xbm said "Game" under an off the memory card option we thought it was going to happen but it was only used for demos up until the PS3s release.

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mistajeff3426d ago

It is pretty cool.. I'm a big PSP fan and it's pretty likely that I'll get one 2nd-hand for cheap at some point. Though if Gamestop offers a similar trade-up deal like they did with the DS/DS Lite DSlite/DSi, I might hop on that.

It'll be interesting to see what they do in terms of piracy control for the new sku. I'm not sure if the 3000 has been cracked yet, though if it has, it took them a good few months to get it.

Mr_Controversy3426d ago

This thing is going to fail so bad, not only are downloading games very slow on the PSN network, the elimination of a utility format = fail.

This is worst than the UMD. :|

Anyway, thats what you have a Gameboy or DS for. =)

Pennywise3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Yeah that 1.2gig uncharted beta wasted a whole 15-20 minutes of my life. What a failure.

Dont even consider the 20 minute drive back and forth to the video game store. Also, while you are at it... forget about gas costs too.

locos853426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Have fun carrying around all those UMDs. I've always wanted a true portable gaming device. Having all the games in the system is great, just grabbing the system and Go!

Pennywise3426d ago

UMD = Power hog. I run out of batteries way to fast with GOW:COO

Kira833426d ago

you know i thought the same thing but after putting many hours of ff7 on a psp 3000 i find little to no difference in the battery life compared to a umd game.

Pennywise3426d ago

hmm interesting. I was always told it was more power. I hear the disc spinning, so it has to be!

I dont have a full blown downloaded game, just demos.

Grandreaper99993426d ago

The PSPGO is something do not support. The psp is my favorite ANYTHING console since its release, and I'll be buried with the thing I love it that much.

The PSPGTFO has two HUUUUUGGGGGE problems when I look at it. I want the second nub, and I want it more pronounced with a wider radius, and I want two of them.

I play a lot of MHF2 on mine, and I look at the Pspgo and see that the MH games will now be incompatible with the new psp models. MHF2 is a huge title for the system as well. I have NO idea why Sony would make such a stupid move to not only have your thumb overlap the Dpad while using the nub. This causes major issues while trying to move the camera in MHF2. You need to have your thumb on the analog nub, while using your index finger to adjust the camera while you move (L was useless btw). This COULD HAVE been solve with the addition of a second nub.

Now that I think of it, why can't they just release a smaller, flatter Dualshock 3 with a flip-screen. All would be solved, and any game would handle the way it should.

PSP cpu cycles are (were) locked at 222mhz. I believe when GOW:COO was released, they lifted the lock and allowed the maximum amount to be reached which would be 333mhz.

I've tested battery drainage on my PSP and manually cranking it to 333mhz. While in UMD/ISO mode, it DID drain the battery something awful. It didnt seem to affect the battery when I upped the XMB clockspeeds to 333 though.

Reducing these lowered the consumption of my battery life by a very noticeable amount.

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marcindpol3426d ago

honestly i have been thinking for some time already that PSP is gonna die soon, but now it looks like the future is brighter than ever..

i am happy:)

DJ3426d ago

I have to say it's the best handheld ever made, both form factor-wise and control-wise. The buttons feel perfect, and the analog stick is Beefy.

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