E3 09: Saw: Combat Gameplay

An early look at the game's combat system.

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jay23424d ago

the games meant to be out in 4 months.

Tito Jackson3424d ago

This game looks to be a stupid one lol.

Shovelware FTW.

Doppy3424d ago

Looks like a poor man's Condemned. A very poor man.

xino3424d ago

this looks like a complete piece of trash!

wait..wait...what the hell is the gameplay meant to be!???

Horror!? survival? action? stealth? combat?

ThanatosDMC3424d ago

Looks like a PS2 game. Is this suppose to be on the Wii or something?

ChampIDC3424d ago

Sadly, Wii is the only platform it isn't on.

Nikkelz3424d ago


peace and game on

bjornbear3424d ago

....i'm not going to buy it....yaaay!

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The story is too old to be commented.