'New Super Mario Bros Wii' Only Possible Thanks to Wii Processing Power

Shigeru Miyamoto picked up a controller to demonstrate some of the fun you can have in "New Super Mario Bros Wii" during the Developer's Rountable. He was then killed by a penguin. It just goes to show, just because you're a creative genius doesn't mean that you have the play skills to pay the bills. While chatting about "NSMBWii"'s four-player platforming, Miyamoto played up the Wii's horsepower, saying that the multiplayer was only possible thanks to the Wii's processing power. Nintendo is knocked often for the Wii's diminutive tech, but "New Super Mario Bros Wii" seems to making the very most of it. Still can't play it online though.

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Pennywise3428d ago

Miyamoto played up the Wii's horsepower..... VROOM VROOM VROOOOM. lol

FragMnTagM3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

I was eating a bowl of cereal when I read that. That is by far the funniest new article I have seen on here. He must really think is audience is retarded. Vrooom Vroooom would be Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo would sound more like one of those Asian cars that isn't upgraded but has the upgraded muffler.

Edit: I approve this story so more people can have a good laugh.

TheTwelve3428d ago

LOL...I'm sorry, but LOL...


doG_beLIEfs3428d ago

How can the guy who interviewed him NOT call him out on that ridiculous statement? Really, it TIME to take the kid gloves off and hit Nintendo like the gaming press hits Sony constantly. Why the double standard?

So when LBP comes out for the PSP and PSPgo...does that mean that they are as "powerful" as the Wii?

Everyone at Nintendo has lost it. They are so far gone in their own fantasy world that they have no clue that back in the REAL world the Wii is beyond showing how pathetically UNDERPOWERED it is.

Man, I am so glad I was not drinking something when I read that...I would have a mess to clean up if I did.

Rainstorm813428d ago

I know Sony made the phrase popular but really......the wii has power?

new super mario brothers = LBP rip

unfortunately LBP = old super mario brothers rip + more

"it is like a circle it keeps flowing around"

Chris3993428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

The Wii is about twice as powerful as a Gamecube. And a decent portion of that "power" is used for the new control scheme, and most likely, the new OS.

The leaps from a PS2/ Xbox to a PS3/ 360 were quantum. They smash their respective forebearers aside. He shouldn't make boasts like this, it makes him seem either weak, uniformed or scared. Now that Sony and MS are about to bring their own brand of motion control to the Wii, what does it really have left? It's appeal? How long will that last when people see that other systems can do the same and much, much more?

Pride comes before the fall.

lociefer3428d ago


soxfan20053428d ago

This whole "can't be done on any other system" talk is getting ridiculous. Exclusives are built to use the consoles strengths to their advantage while avoiding the weaknesses. Since every console is different inside, comparisons of this nature are completely pointless. Apples and oranges.

I have a PSP that I use emulators on. The N64 emulator is slow and has bad sound. So, is the PSP somehow less powerful than an N64 because it can't run N64 games perfectly?

cherrypie3428d ago

I think I'll skip Mario Bros. Yes, I love the characters and their game-worlds, but 2D side-scrolling mario is just *already* done.

I'm vastly more excited for The Behemoths' "Game #3" coming in 2010:


Torch3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

"...saying that the multiplayer was only possible thanks to the Wii's processing power..."

Compared to what: my pocket calculator from high school???

Whoopsee...looks as if Mr. Miyamoto's got a severe case of foot-in-mouth disease. Hmmm...wonder if they can apply that exciting new Wii Pulse-Checker technology to diagnose him.

BTW, in case anyone is interested: Shortly following the release of Dead Space: Extraction, I'm having a "MUST-GO!!" fire-sale on all items Nintendo in my home, as a result of irreparable bruising to my forehead caused by an unprecedented number of *facepalms* throughout the duration of Nintendo's...uh, "presentation."

"This whole "can't be done on any other system" talk is getting ridiculous..."

You're absolutely right, but to the fanboys' credit, at least the whole 360 vs. PS3 fiasco is somewhat debatable. But the Wii???

Unless the author has (quite possibly) used Miyamoto's statement out of context, the man shouldn't even dare tread those waters, and just continue to cater to the casual market (as they confessed to doing so during their conference, if you were keen enough to read between their lines during one of their speeches), and emphasize the single, only one-up that they have compared to the other two: Motion-sensing technology.

That is, at least until Sony's and/or MS' enhanced motion-sensing prototypes come to fruition some time next year. At that point, I see little reason for the traditional gamer to rely upon the Wii for any of their gaming for their desire to experience any favorite proprietary Nintendo titles (i.e., Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc.)

mfwahwah3428d ago


LBP is SMB rip? Because they're both platforming games? suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure...

LynyrdSkynyrd3428d ago

Why do you have to end each comment with "12"
You make it seem like you are so arrogant...

on a side-note, lol.

pixelsword3428d ago

...a person could choke on their food laughing.

Mini Mario3427d ago

"Miyamoto played up the Wii's horsepower..... VROOM VROOM VROOOOM. lol "

"1.1 - Holy sh!t man I spit milk out of my nose!"

Is this an example of "mature"...*cough*.. .gamers

Mini Mario3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

"I think I'll skip Mario Bros. Yes, I love the characters and their game-worlds, but 2D side-scrolling mario is just *already* done."

Actually there hasnt been a decent one on a nintendo console (not handheld) for years and years (and i say a decent one)...even LBP was one in a million for consoles in general. What i think is done are the generic FPS's.

And if 2D platformers are "done"..why all the hype for LBP>>?

silenius3427d ago

OMG... Its amazing how little things like this article can make your day?!
"Only Possible Thanks to Wii Processing Power" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA

SaiyanFury3427d ago

@ Pennywise

I did laugh out loud. The Wii's processing power is clearly outclassed by the PS3 and 360. Although if he's talking about the Wiimote's functionality, then Miyamoto is half right. The Wiimote is a different bit of hardware than the 360's controller, and more motion-based than Sony's SIXAXIS. In that respect, the new Mario game is only possible on the Wii. Despite the differences between the systems I couldn't stop myself from laughing at the statement by Miyamoto.

xwabbit3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , if this doesn't reach 1 thousand degrees ill be surprised

y0haN3427d ago

Soxfan nice try at a comparison but emulation is not the same as native code. Nobody is talking about trying to run Wii games unmodified on the PS3.

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Montreafart3428d ago

@bladestar the welfare xbot.

Listen buddy, if Sony games are not just possible on PS3, then prove us wrong for a change.

Stupid bot, you and your community, are all talk and nothing but delusional talk.

Lets see you do 256 player online first. WHEN the crap60 finally pulls that one of, then you have a point.

I have a feeling you will be waiting quite many a years before you even see 60 vs 60.

Conclusion: PS3 exclusives only possible on PS3.
All 360 games = all possible on PS3. All the games on your system are multi platform and they all come out on PS3.

lociefer3428d ago

of course its only possible on wii , if ps3 or 360 rendered all these flowers / rainbows / ponies or pink unicorns theyll explode

Smacktard3428d ago

Why the disagree? You could play with 2 people on the same screen in the DS version. Are you telling me that you actually believe the Wii is only twice as powerful as the DS? Give me a break.

This game should have a level editor and online level sharing. I can't believe that, in this day and age, it doesn't. Cut us gamers some slack, Nintendo.

ChickeyCantor3428d ago

I think they are giving gamers "slack" by keeping the options minimal and more simple lol.

But yeah level editor would have been nice.

jay23428d ago

Ah so that why it's in 2D................
Because it's so powerful and mind blowing with physics,content on screen ECT.

Talk to MS/Sony, I'm sure they'd be happy to give you a 3D, online version........
Oh, wait! Wii wouldn't handle it.........

Mini Mario3427d ago

"Talk to MS/Sony, I'm sure they'd be happy to give you a 3D, online version........
Oh, wait! Wii wouldn't handle it......... "

Nintendo already has two Mario galaxy games (*3D*)...and online isnt the be all and end all of everything. Online games are only popular for a certain time period. Unless your stil playing pc games from 12 years ago online still>>?

y0haN3427d ago

I play Counter-Strike and Doom still, so yes, yes I am.

LightofDarkness3427d ago

You tell 'im, yohan. Doom still rules.