15 Days Announced

Dtp Entertainment and House of Tales have announced their latest game to be featured at E3, the PC Adventure game, 15 Days.

Players take on the role of three characters, Cathryn, Mike and Bernard, three political activists who steal art for good causes. From their loft, the trio of Londoners plan to steal paintings from top museums all over the world. Once they have disposed of the goods, the group donates its millions to development projects in Africa, taking money from "eccentric art collectors" and giving it to the poor. Robin Hood would be proud. Meanwhile, US special agent Jack Stern has a murder case to solve and his attentions are drawn to the thefts.

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Maticus3424d ago

Gadgets eh? Sounds cool.

Hydrolex3424d ago

8 days
2 days to vegas
15 days

lol wtf

Dorjan3424d ago

Sounds like a modern cluedo!

Leord3424d ago

Yeah, it's weird how we always tend to fall back on principle boardgames for most culture :)

Cogo3424d ago

That's all well and good, but you can't really call Cluedo a "principle" boardgame?

Leord3424d ago

Wow, that is an epicly crazy story line. I don;t need to play the game, but I would love to write the whole script! :D

Medievaldragon3424d ago

Wonder why games lately focus on making you the protagonist of thefts and crimes. =/

Not a good idea. Other than that, it looks like an interesting plot.

Cogo3424d ago

Interesting observation. I think there are strong romantic notes about the "honourable theif". A person that's strongly intertwined in two worlds, and is ultimately very interesting as a character in a play, film or game.

Redrudy3424d ago

Rob the rich to give to the poor though and as someone already said, there are gadgets so it makes the whole concept acceptable.:)

jessehaysfl3424d ago

Ludacris is making video games?

(dtp refrence)

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