Zombie Panic In Wonderland Announced

Seven months old gaming studio Akaoni is starting a gruesome project titled "Zombie Panic in Wonderland".

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Leord3428d ago

Yes, the art style is definitely an original take on things :)

Wasn't there a "Zombie Neighbour" game for the SNES or something? The idea seems familiar...

Only difference is that in the older game, they had water pistols, a proper automatic is a lot more effective! :)

Cogo3428d ago

You are right, I recall something to that effect myself.

Leord3428d ago

Little girls with UZIs always rule.

Killing zombies as well = mind overload =D

Cogo3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Quite innovative.

Bit of a classic concept, but the title is wonderful, and this game could potentially find unexpected interest!

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