Left 4 Dead fans angry at Valve over L4D2

New Game Network explains how many L4D fans are unhappy with the announcement of Left 4 Dead 2 from Valve at e3, just seven months aver the release of the original game. Steam forums have many threads expressing anger and disappointment. A Steam Group called "L4D2 Boycott" has been created with over 2000 members already.

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The Meerkat3425d ago

Do people complain that Fifa 2010 gets announced 4 months after 2009?


The more games the better.

GWAVE3425d ago

Valve is beginning to get all "EA"-ed. A year ago...heck, even 8 months ago, "old Valve" would have released this content as a free add-on for Steam customers. And it would have been as a big "we're sorry!" for shafting people on the included content for the original L4D game, which had so little content.

Yet, here they go releasing a "new" L4D game about a year later, and I can guarantee you that:

- the graphics will barely be improved
- there won't be very many campaigns/maps (they've already pretty much confirmed this)
- very few new enemies and weapons will be added

And people will still worship it because it has "Valve" slapped onto it. Skip you, Valve. Quit giving your fans the middle finger.

Blaze9293425d ago

When I heard L4D2 was announces the FIRST thing I thought was, "wtf. Isn't that a bit too soon?" Like L4D1 lacks so much content and got old fast even after the survival mode DLC. I don't see why they couldnt add more campaign levels but no, instead went to L4D2 in such a short time and will slap another $60 price tag on it. If it's anything like the first game, they are truly foolish to think people will buy it knowing what they'll get.

sonarus3424d ago

You are an idiot to compare annual sports titles to full release games. If you want to be accurate compare the COD annual releases. And yes people are complaining about that too

MegaMohsi3424d ago

At least those are made by 2 different developers and in my case I always skip the treyarch ones.

lsujester3424d ago

I'm angry at Valve, but not about Left 4 Dead. I'm angry because they can get around to producing two zombie games in two years, but can't get around to making Episode 3 in the same time.

Chrisny853424d ago

what i would like to know is why there has only been 1 sequel to counter-strikes in the past i dunno 10 years?!?

i mean it was possibly the biggest online shooter ever. they should take another shot at a console version but this time make it good.

Megaton3424d ago

Sonarus is right, a comparison to the annual CoD releases is more appropriate, but still kinda flawed considering it switches between developers. A comparison to annual sports 'roster updates', as some people call them, isn't the same thing.

Gotta say I was surprised to see it announced so early as well. Doesn't seem like a Valve move. I hate to think EA is rubbing off on them this much.

Chrisny853424d ago

i couldn't agree with you more

truewittness3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

where are the same people that should be complaining about and boycotting madden, nba live, actually all sports franchises and the call of duty franchise? they are announced 7 months after their release as well. and what about FF13 and FF14. announcing 14 before 13 is even out.

Rainstorm813424d ago

madden next gen has been a serious disappointment to say the least (backbreakers animation is light years ahaed and it the first gamee, not to mention they openly said they would like to work on madden. stupid EA), NBA live is non existent when you have NBA 2K SERIES. and COD:MW2 wont be as successful as the first (on PS3), the shooter market has boomed and codMW2 " dosent seem to do anything new" CoD:MW 1.5.

A true sequel is Uncharted 2 : Among theives especially when compared to the first. (get the MP beta its great) it just seems valve has fallen to EA's strategy quantity then worry about quality down the road. EA has failed this Gen in my eyes thats why they were over taken by activision for number 1

TheIneffableBob3424d ago

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Just because Valve is releasing ONE sequel a year later does not mean they're getting "EA-ed".

TenSteps3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

there are people who are complaining on sports games as simple roster updates with adding a few gimmicks here and there,

the Call of Duty franchise are developed by two different developers some even mention skipping the Treyarch ones I see that as some sort of complaint.

FFXIII and FFXIV are different one is a single player game designed by a certain team the other is an MMO designed by mostly the FFXI team so you see they are different games by different people by the same company (SE Production Team 1 is handling FFXIII while SE Production Team 3 is developing FFXIV)

Tony P3424d ago

Fans know this and feel shafted because they haven't yet seen any substantial content for L4D to either the SP or the MP. Really Valve, wtf?

Did they not see how poorly this would go over with fans? Unless this is magically revealed to be a content update or DLC, expect very annoyed customers.

Ftr, I could give a crap about the aesthetic arguments.

kevnb3424d ago

and to think, I was thinking about it.

3424d ago
Tito Jackson3424d ago

I dont understand why there is any reason to be mad, upset, etc.

Maybe Danny McBride can help illustrate a reason to be

ThanatosDMC3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

See this is what i was hating about L4D2. Those people hating on me from what of my comments just didnt understand.

We will probably get charged $49.99 or $59.99 depending where you buy it.

There's not enough maps on the first one. Not enough mods either.

Beast_Master3424d ago

Isn't this game like 4 hours long with like 4 maps? Sounds like you guys got 1/2 a game to start with now your complaining because you are going to get charged for the second half? (See Starcraft 2) LOL.

poopface13424d ago

thats because I never bought L4D, even when it was only 10$ or something on steam. Ill stick with half-life and counter strike for my valve games.

maybe they will make a much longer game now that people are complaining.

I still think that L4D will be supported more than a lot of other games, since its valve. Look at cod4, sold 10 mill and we get only 4 overpriced maps.

Nikuma3424d ago

This bullsh1t rehash of a game isn't getting my money. The only way I'd play it if they made it a free or 5$ update for the PC. It's the same exact Fing game with a new Fing skin. This is very unexpected by valve and I sense some sort of higher power pulling the strings on this one.

I just lost a lot of respect for valve with this BS move.

lessthanmarcus3424d ago

quality not quantity, dipsht.

bullswar3424d ago

I personally dont give a rats ass ... it was an awesome game and Ill buy its sequel.

Sitdown3424d ago

I'm confused....why is he considered an idiot because he compares it to annual sports titles?....especially when sometimes from year to year all they need is a roster update. Ohhh, and not nearly as many people complain about COD as you would like us to believe...cause most of us know the development cycle. Most people should know by now that you pay for being an early adopter...sometimes its a good thing and sometimes its not.


Fifa gets announced but it has content for you to play for a year, just like most sports games.

L4D is short. The online extendfs its life, but the truth is most people are done with the online already.

It causes a duality. The franchise is already in a need of a new game, which is a good reason for the announcement, but is also a shame that L4D was so short lived.

V ii T aL3424d ago

I loved the first one. But now I have moved on. I will be picking this up in November along with Modern Warfare 2 which also looks amazing.

y0haN3424d ago

I am another big Valve fan really peeved at this. We've received virtually no support for the game since release, and now this. A cöck slap to whoever bought the first game. Thanks for beta testing, and the money, sucker!

soljah3424d ago


zombies 09 vs zombies 10 what the differences?

basically valve charging double for the same game.

where is should be 1 game plus some dlc for a few bucks more

commodore643424d ago

I really have to laugh!

I have seen no-one complain about the fourteenth (!) iteration of the final fantasy series.
Yet, people are complaining that L4D2 is too much too soon?

Get a life, people.

KKanjiAnkh3424d ago

I can't agree w/the FF logic at all, at least the core story changes & never is the same in every FF. Square switches up the fighting engine to prevent stagnation, and they definitely don't make 3 hour games.

justpassinggas3424d ago

Err...FF games are all different. They might as well be called different names because they're not sequels or even related to each other except for minor cameo appearances of chocobos and moogles and that's about it. Have you even played a single FF game?

Not to mention the fact that each FF game on average lasts over 40 hours. L4D does not last for a tenth of that in single player (and FF is pure single player except for XI).

evrfighter3424d ago

What fans are angry over is NOT the time it took to release the game. But...

That pc gamers paid $45 or $50 for a game they ALL thought was going to be supported like TF2. If you look at all the content they've released in TF2 after it was launched, they could have made an expansion or a new title out of it.

Check out the steamcommunity forums, They are ablazin. I myself was fooled into thinking l4d would pay for itself via new content.

TheRealSpy023424d ago

this is an expansion that they are passing off as a sequel, plain n simple.

If you own L4D, L4D2 should be half off if you download it.

divideby03424d ago goes for ALL games..
but I am open minded and own all the consoles on launch day, so I dont suck up to anyone

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Lou-Cipher3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Since when is DLC more important than a new game?

A new game will always be better than getting DLC. (you know that content that should of already been in the game when you purchased it)

I would much rather get to play Grand Theft Auto 5 instead of Gay Tony DLC.

GamerPS3603425d ago

you are absolutely right but If there is no significant improvement then it's rip off.

I love L4D. I play at least once a week but I am not spending on L4D2 if the game is same as L4D. But, I don't underestimate Valve. They have good track record.

kevnb3424d ago

its typically more a pc thing, until this gen.

BlackPrince 423424d ago

Normally I would agree with you about sequels, but in this case no. L4D is really light on content compared to other games, being episodic and movie like in nature, and Valve promised to offset this by releasing new maps and story modes for free, at least for PC.

Instead of doing what they had promised though, they're taking the maps they have developed, shoe-horning in some new characters, abilities, and weapons, and then releasing a new game at full price.

Nikuma3424d ago

Have you seen the gameplay footage? It's the same game with a new skin. No thank you.

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timmyrulz3425d ago

I dont see many complaints that FF14 will be released the same month as ff13.

qface643425d ago

that's different though since they are 2 different games just with the same name
i don't blame these guys for being annoyed
i mean if you stop and look at LEFT 4 DEAD 2 for a sec you will realize that the whole game is just basically a bunch of DLC in a disc

left 4 dead never had a story so that's out the window
also left 4 dead was very very short even when you play online there's just so many times you can play the same level over and over

the only thing that will be different is new weapons maybe new enemies and new maps if your lucky maybe some new modes
all of that is DLC right there
its DLC everyone was expecting especially considering its a valve game

The Master Chief3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

FF14 Online isn't a real Final Fantasy RPG. It's a pay every month MMO like FF XI on 360. Which is horrible.

read disc error3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

They should be mad...FF MMOs have been pretty weak compared to WOW. FF XI online is already on the 360 and sucks pretty bad. However, the Sony Defense Force will latch onto anything because in their hearts they know they paid more money for a console with less cool exclusive games.

3424d ago
SRT4Chris4013424d ago

because ff14 is an MMO, they did same when FF10 came out, and a year later ff11 came out. They put the releases closer this time. Plus FF14 is more like a sequel to FF11 not 13. L4D2 is blatantly, and obviously nothing more than DLC content promised to us, and they just decided it was more profitable to sell it as a new game rather free for pc, and like $5 for 360 content. Valve has been going down hill and on the greedy side since they released steam. Valve is getting as lame and tired as the Source engine...

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Mr_Bun3424d ago

They should be mad about paying full price for L4D 1

user8586213424d ago

am pissed a just bought l4d last month for ma pc!!! wtf!!

Montreafart3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Graphically and technically, it doesnt stand apart from the original. Hell, its even worse. Cartoony lmao. So why would it be part 2. Lmao, I knew immediately Valve was trying to rip off them sucker xbots haha.

But the bots are stupid, so Valve is right to rip off stupid people.

zagibu3424d ago

I still think they will offer it for free or a bargain for existing l4d 1 customers...
It's too early to get angry.

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