The Last Guardian Was The 'BBC Game'

Nofi from TheSixthAxis writes: "'Last Guardian. PS3. Finally,' said Darren Waters this morning. We've asked him whether that was the game he'd been hinting at for over a year and will confirm shortly, but we can assume quite safely that the implication is there, the name change is why he could avoid saying it was Project Trico."

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Lfmesquite3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

Amazing looking game. And like I've said, probably my most anticipated game now on any console.

I don't want to sound childish but that game almost brings a tear to me, it's all about the creature.

nofilter3428d ago

Yeah, best looking game at E3.

Pandemic3428d ago

Well that was unexpected...

- Ghost of Sparta -3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

What else could it have been? The way he described it, I felt exactly the same way watching this.

The "improvements" they've made to the creature are just.. well, just look.

Shadow Flare3428d ago

I know i saw the leaked trico footage, but when i watched the updated version, it genuinely took my breath away. I was watching it and just thinking.....this is going to be the best game ever. There's something about team ico games. And also, parts of it looked photo realistic. I couldn't tell if this was real footage. But then i remembered the trico footage, and then thought of shadow of the collosus, and then thought hey, it's team ico

Sev3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

@ Nofilter,

How do you know it was the best looking game at E3? You aren't even there.

So, the Project Trico video we put out is the famed "BBC game" all this time, and I had it now for months. Feels pretty damn cool.

Also this should be posted under rumors, as you don't have confirmation back form Darren Waters yet.

RememberThe3573428d ago

So I guess we're even ; )

This is one of the best looking titles that I have seen so far. And honestly, I don't think I'm going to see much better.

GamerPS3603428d ago

This game is going to make 90% gamers cry. /good way

colonel1793428d ago

Are you implying that there is some game looking better than this? WOW!

God of War 3 maybe?, but come on, The Last Guardian probably will look much better than this when it launches, like in fall 2010 at the earliest. so that is amazing!

Please keep in touch with some more insider info that you get, i love knowing stuff before they get announced!

And Sev thanks for all your hard work!

Sev3428d ago

@ 357,

It's still coming. It IS. I am pretty sure Sony wanted to focus a lot on the PSP Go, and didn't want anything to steal it's thunder. It will be out before the holiday season is here.

@ colonel,

The fact is, The Last Guardian is one of the best looking games at E3. So is God of War 3, Uncharted 2, Brink, and a few others we got to see.

I was more making the point that it's impossible to make that decision if you actually saw these games live in front of you. Seeing it on a live stream doesn't do any of these games justice.

You have to be at E3 to report on it. You can't watch live streams and come to any conclusions.

sniper-squeak3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

..I thought... "Secret BBC game..." because of the beauty in that video. Sony won this E3 by a mile. - He talks about it near the end

Lawliet3428d ago

THE graphic looks astonishing, but what they've shown so far seems pretty gay! Uhm, and GOWIII is the best looking game at E3!

SL1M DADDY3428d ago

Whether if the Last Guardian is or is not the BBC game that was spoken of months back, we can safely say that TLG is one of the best looking games to date and with Team ICO's reputation, you can bet that it will be one of the best games played when it arives on store shelves.

SuperM3428d ago

Actually i think its safe to say that Uncharted 2 was the best looking game at E3. That game looks out of this world. It totally blew me away. I think im one of the people here who were expecting the most out of Uncharted 2. I knew naughty dog would impress, but what they showed was more then just impressive. /bow @ naughtydog.

And yes The last guardian looks amazing aswell. Sony really brought it this E3. They had the best looking games of the show.

SL1M DADDY3428d ago

Uncharted 2 was THE best looking games there but TLG was one of the best looking. I would dare say that all the best looking games were on PS3.

(off topic)
Although, Alan Wake did look good but the game play was more action than suspenseful. I was hoping for a real thriller,not just another shooter. SIREN did thriller right, I just hope that Alan Wake does it as well and makes it tough for you to just shoot everything that you come in contact with.
(/off topic)

Marceles3428d ago

The creature on TLG was amazing. On the Trico video, the creature's feathers were a shiny blue...they didn't even add the feather textures yet. And now, just wow....jaw-dropping the way that thing looked.

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HBK6193428d ago

To be honest I wouldn't have guessed that, it's a good looking game, but it is still a fair way from being at the finished stage.

That being said it does look fantastic and there is huge potential there for it being one of, if not the best looking game on a console, not to mention it being one of the best games full stop.

el zorro3428d ago

The Last Guardian is a beautiful game. Finally the mystery has been solved.

agentfoxe-n4g3428d ago

As soon as I saw the first leaked footage I realized that this indeed was the game hinted at by the BBC writer.

What's so impressive about this piece of work is the fluidity of the movements.

I thought I was watching a movie of a real dog + chicken (the beak and how chickens eat/swallow stuff) was so spot on.

Superb, simply superb.

I haven't seen Heavy Rain, but this gem has
me floored.. and the upgraded graphics with the awesome lighting.. wow.

Can't wait to see their finished product.

Take your time guys, take your time. Masterpieces cannot be rushed.

RememberThe3573428d ago

Anyway, this surprised me actually. But when I think about it, it makes sense. This game look phenomenal.

cmrbe3428d ago

but i wanted it to be something else as i wanted another game like Team ICO's EPIC's.

Most of us guessed this way back when Darren mentioned something along the line about unparallel immersion and a new revolutionary way of story telling.

It screamed Ueda to me and most other people.

Now i am not surprise. As i said before. GOW3, GT5, FF13 stand no chance against this game next year. It will not sell anywhere near a fraction of any of these said games but Last Guardian will be remembered as a monumental accomblishment in game design and story telling it will be forever remembered history.

Last Guardian. As serious contender to MGS4 for best game this gen imo.

clintos593428d ago

For those who have never played, "Ico" or "Shadow of the Colosus" then u wouldnt understand why, "The Last Gaurdian" is being praised so much because like the person above me stated this game when released might not have the record sales or recognition it deserves but I can guarantee u one thing for sure that this game will be just as EPIC as MGS4 if not better when it is all said and done.

cmrbe3428d ago

My two fave games last gen is MGS3 and ICO.

Ueda and Kojima are the best story tellers imo. Both however use very different approach/methods to tell their story telling but the end result remains the same. You feel so much more for their characters and their journey than any other game characters. Kojima however use long cutscenes and dialog to flesh out the story and character development but Udea does exactly the opposite which is amazing. its just a difference of interpretation.

I won' be surprise if by the end of this gen Last Guardian and MGS4 will be my top games as well.

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