PS3 - Enchanted Arms Review

"A turn-based RPG hits the PS3 -- pizza monster included!

However, it's clear that Enchanted Arms isn't the greatest RPG in the world -- hell, it might not even be that good of an RPG, period -- but it does bring traditional turn-based combat and a vast collection of colorful characters to the PS3."

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lilwingman4269d ago

It wasn't too good on the 360, and with no online it's slightly worse on the PS3, but at least hardcore RPG fans have something to tide them over until the bigger games hit.

BubblesDAVERAGE4269d ago

I would admit that but not much better...looks a little better...

IPlayGames4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

How you noticed that on most of the ports from 360 to PS3 the PS3 has added content. Oblivion includes expansion pack, F.E.A.R. has a extra level and a new weapon, and this one has more characters. Could be either one but whatever it is it give you an extra reason to pick it up on the 3.

FeralPhoenix4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Its not a great game on either system, but if you're going to split hairs don't forget the fact that it released about 8 mo. ago for the 360....yet it recieved a lower overall score and even scored lower in the graphics dept. on the PS3(6.5) than the 360(7.5) -yeah I fully understand that it was reviewed by two different guys from IGN but the PS3 version review of the graphics were referred to as looking close to PS2 graphics at times, -how that translates to looking or being better on the PS3 in your mind I don't know. In fact if you actually read the review he had this to say:

"Without those online features, the shortcomings that were forgiven on the 360 are all the more glaring on the PS3."

-That at least seems to suggest that its a better overall experience on the 360...personally I wouldn't buy it on either platform but thats just my opinion.

Bebedora4269d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

You can make Atsumi dance away to generate EX points - WITH the sixaxis motionsening! (WTF happened? I mean, Hello-ooo)

You can shake the sixaxis to boost when delivering an EX attack too. Woohoo. :)

All in all a great story so far and nice chars as said in the review (25+ hrs in to it).

Laka4268d ago

Well, I actually like this game. The Yuki girl is funny as hell. If you get to play it, you'll know what I meant. The only down side for me about this game is, I hate it when all the bad guys keep poping up at you out of nowhere all the time. I had fun collecting all those 1000 points. To me, it's a really good game.

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