Full Games List From Microsoft's E3 2009 Press Conference

Full Games List From Microsoft's E3 2009 Press Conference:


* The Beatles: Rock Band
* Tony Hawk: Ride
* Modern Warefare 2

XBLA Exclusives:

* Shadow Complex
* Joyride

Xbox 360 Exclusives:

* Crackdown 2
* Left 4 Dead 2
* Splinter Cell: Conviction
* Forza Motorsport 3
* Halo: ODST
* Halo: Reach
* Alan Wake
* Project Natal

Unknown Exclusivity:
* Metal Gear Solid Rising

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Lfmesquite4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Has not been confirmed as exclusive. If it has, where can I read it? You would think that's the first thing they would mention.

THWIP714132d ago

..they listed it as "unknown exclusivity", dumbass. :o

BYE4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

There is no such thing like "unknown exclusivity",
it's either a confirmed exclusive or it isn't...

Traveler4132d ago

I think what they mean is that nobody knows at this point whether it is exclusive or not. I have been searching everywhere for some kind of confirmation but can find nothing. I guess we will find out tomorrow at Sony's press event.

JokesOnYou4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Didn't micro exec say everything shown after MW2 would be exclusively on 360? Yeah they did, so its the other way around, until Konami or Kojima say its NOT exclusive then who are you to say its multiplatform. Nobody here knows the internal deals made, it could be exclusive, it could be timed exclusive or likely theres ongoing developments which is why there is NO announcement about it going to ps3, hell I think its more likely ps3 is getting a different exclusive from Kojima.


BattleAxe4132d ago

I thought that MS was going to blow everyone away with its E3 conference...LMAO

fuckoffodion4132d ago

Learn to PAY ATTENTION. That was a montage of games that was exclusive to the 360. AFter that they showed their FM stuff, then Kojima came out. Even a MS representative said it's a multi-platform game. Fanboyism isn't good for your head tintin.

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Jamie Foxx4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

sony and nintendo nows your time to top this

Lfmesquite4132d ago

Had some new games. The next Metal Gear being multi is not a big shocker to me at all, if later we find out it's exclusive that would be different.

Was there any mention of Mass Effect 2?

Good conference but nothing that's gonna change the console wars drastically as we know them.

Foxgod4132d ago

Mass effect 2 was on the EA conference, and was mentioned to go to the 360 and the pc.

Karum4132d ago

TBH I actually found the services MS announced more interesting than the games.

I like shooters but am not a huge fan and haven't liked Halo since Combat Evolved so the 2 expansions don't interest me.

There were only two games that interested me (I've said only one game in other comments but just remembered another!!) which were Alan Wake and Crackdown 2.

I think the reason I'm not as excited as a lot of others is because I knew MS were going to announce or talk about a bunch of games I knew were in the works that I wasn't much interested in anyway though but I can understand why a lot of people would be impressed with the MS conference, some of those franchises have a very large and loyal fanbase so happy to see a lot of people are getting the games they want.

I think overall between the big 3 conferences there's going to be A LOT of happy gamers.


IT is not exclusive to the 360....and where is my killer instinct...they are not trying to cater to us hardcore 360 fans.......i man there is a few but damn wtf

Forrest Gump4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

The good:No charts,Crackdown 2,Halo ODST footage,Alan Wake(finally),footage of MW2,and MGS coming to Xbox 360.

The bad:Natal being yet another desperate attempt from Microsoft to cash in on the Wii,no Killer Instinct 3,no Rare,no Mass Effect 2,Beatles thing was too long.Oh,and Cliffy Bs T-shirt was Xtra Smedium.

The unnecessary:Natal,InstantOn with its whopping 8 movies,taking shots at the Wiimote,Facebook/Twitter on the 360,and Left4Dead2 showing this soon.

Overall:B-,good job but there was nothing shown that makes me want to go out and buy a 360.


I agree with you wholeheartedly.HArdcore just got steped on

7thNightvolley4132d ago

i think L4D2 was abit too soon..

Foliage4132d ago

Of course there were no charts. There is nothing the 360 could even sway in their favour that they could slap on a chart to make them look good. Whatever little momentum they had is now long gone, the 360 will just continue their slippery slid back down to their rightful third place. Heck, if we go by the rate each system is selling at (with the year head start, is there any other way?) the 360 is already in last.

No chart is going to help their case.

clintos594132d ago

I gave microsoft a "B" grade for there conference because most of the games announced were already expected to be shown. Also I knew kojima would bring the MGS series over to the 360 since snakes last mission was definately MGS4. So it only made sense for kojima to do this and was expected since we all know how microsoft usually tries to steal the show. But I give microsoft credit, they did have a better showing this E3 then last years, the only thing I find funny is the media makes such a big deal about ff13 and mgsr going to the 360 even though microsoft didnt show any new ip's but put sony in microsoft's position and the media would downplay sony for not showing any new games lol. Yeah sad but true.

Rainstorm814132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

I disagree about natal it has limitless potential especially if its combined with a traditional controller........imagine a rpg where the characters know you and respond to you, or a FPS where you are a soldier in a war and the other soldiers know you and respond to your face and voice..............but a full game with AI on the level of that Milo character, what is it going to be 100 discs? i think the console tech isnt ready for natal tech unless we are going to get tons and tons of shovelware and one game every blue for hardcore gamers.

Oh and after a year of silence these are all the games you have to show a bunch of CG trailers for your exclusives and like 3 games with gameplay all of which we knew was going yo be shown.....alan wake and splinter cell look like must buy games, Halo? not so much.. must be halo for the Wii or PS2.

@clintos above
i agree, afew years ago it happened. sony showed a bunch of CG trailers and a little gameplay and was executed in the media "Riiiidge Racer!" remember? now here we are well into the current gen and MS pulls the same and gets praised its crazy absolutely crazy. if im not mistaken the eyetoy 2 was there as well.

MS E3 09 = Sony E3 06 or 07 (cant remember which year)

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Droid Smasha4132d ago

you could just have typed " Microsoft takes a HUGE dump on sony "

talltony4131d ago

4 must have 360 exclusives this year!

For sony its. Killzone 2, Infamous, MAG, Ratchet and clank, uncharted 2 and whatever sony announces today!

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