Alan Wake Shown, Coming Spring 2010

Kombo Writes: "Alan Wake has officially been revealed. Remedy reveals the first details about Alan Wake. Everything shown was in-game. "

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TheColbertinator4128d ago

Nice lighting effects.Glad its here

Montreafart4128d ago

where was lost planet 2? where was mass effect 2?

ps3 baby

so we get two games for one. owned

Kill Crow4128d ago

bigger announcement than the final fantasy one last time ... this just BLOW's Sony ....

the BIGGEST sony frnchise jox went green !!!!

M$ you rock ...

Killzon 3 next

AssassinHD4128d ago

This article is about Alan Wake. Please try to keep up.

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whitesky4128d ago

LOL at the graphics..

is THIS the game to BEAT KILLZONE 2's graphics?

the epic game that xbox fans have been hyping "Just you wait and see SONY droids, just you wait"

lmao well I waited and this game looks like Alone in the Dark 2


- Ghost of Sparta -4128d ago

Meh, lighting looks decent though.

dustgavin4128d ago

I totally agree! It does have good lighting but the rest of it is really just mediocre.

Mo0eY4128d ago


That's because everything else is completely DARK. Of course the lighting is going to look decent in a completely dark game.

Montreafart4128d ago

massive failure, the game is fking vaporware rofl.

Graphics are bar, gameplay dull, I didnt even get wtf was going on. rofl flying microwaves? slow motion bullets rofl?

lost pages? i thought he wrote the damn thing.

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Forrest Gump4128d ago

Why does it slowdown every time he engages the enemy?

Other than that it looks like its coming along nicely.

FragMnTagM4128d ago

I thought it was well done. It most likely can be turned on and off like bullet time.

Struz4128d ago

Totally agree. I came in all these "supa graphics" threads and saw stuff that looks like what I've been playing already.

allstarpt194128d ago

i knew it would be next year

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The story is too old to be commented.