Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Preview

The first Mercenaries was a brilliant example of innovation within the relatively new "sandbox", Grand Theft Auto-inspired, genre. It was not just iteration on the idea like so many other lifeless clones. Set in North Korea, you were tasked with capturing (dead or alive, depending on how much you wanted to earn) a deck of cards worth of military leaders. The game was literally a huge playset of destructible objects, vehicles and intensely volatile weaponry, beautifully presented in a world where physics actually mattered and simply sniping a helicopter pilot out of his seat was worth the price of admission.

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames looks bigger and better in every conceivable way. From what I saw behind closed doors at last year's E3 and what was shown this year at GDC, Pandemic have taken their destructive approach to open-ended gaming to thrillingly ridiculous heights.

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peksi4270d ago

That game is something to look forward to!

And I liked the comment at the end: "It's coming to PS2, PC and 360 in addition to PS3, so hopefully everyone will get to share in the fun when it ships later this year."

Perhaps it's time for TheMART, DJ and other extremists to grow up and start thinking like that?

PureGamer4270d ago

This the grown ups version of crackdown :)

power of Green 4270d ago

Have you played CrackDown?. lol

consolewar4270d ago

he's still saving for the BlackGrill. Anyway funny thing few months ago Mercenaries topic was hot, now is so freaking cold after the multi-announcement. Suddenly for Xbots and Sonydrones Mercenaries is a Meh game.