OXCGN Section 8 News – Arrives 3rd Qtr 2009

OXCGN writes:

Section 8 means to be discharged by the military for being mentally unfit for service. Though yet another FPS based around gung-ho space marines (albeit with lots of armour) doesn't really excite, the concept that you will be able to dynamically alter the flow of battles by calling for vehicles and 'burn in' wherever you want on the map (sort of like a faster futuristic version of the parachute jumps we did in Medal Of Honor: Airborne a few years back) has some very interesting gameplay possibilities.

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XboxOZ3604995d ago

Been looking forward to this game, but after seeing a newer screenshot today, I'm wondering is it actually going to make the cut for todays style of shooter.

Compared to earlier screens, the current one looks bland, and lifeless, even for a space sci-fi shooter.

Mixed emotions about it now, but looking forward to Codemasters announcements later on in the night / Day.

gaminoz4995d ago

We have enough space marines that's for sure, but the ability to drop anywhere on the map is kind of cool.

We'll have to see more...

Immortal Kaim4995d ago

I checked out the multiplayer footage the other day, it looks so much like Halo it's scary.

btw Why is it not on the PS3?

darkmurder4995d ago

Looks like a seriously underrated game, I'm hooked!

REALgamer4995d ago

I doubt it will be an AAA game, but looks like a lot of fun.

But then again, it could surprise me - Red Faction is getting rated at 9/10s and I didn't think it looked like an AAA.

Godem4995d ago

if its anything like Fear Files I doubt ill get it.