Video Game Addiction: Is it Real?

Reports from around the world suggest that gaming addiction is real and on the rise. Nationally (America), 8.5 percent of youth gamers (ages 8 to 18) can be classified as pathological(1) or clinically "addicted" to playing video games. Most youth play video games and many feel that they may be playing too much. Nearly one-quarter (23%) of youth say that they have felt "addicted to video games", with about one-third of males (31%) and a little more than one in ten females (13%) feeling "addicted."

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Armyless4273d ago

We post here don't we?? Seriously though, I can see where it would be a problem for some people, but I'd wager my son's college tuition that people who have tendencies towards addiction (cough: OCD) are the ones who have trouble managing their game-time. I mean, I don't have a problem sitting in front of Wal-Mart for 48 hours to get the next console, that just comes natural.


neogeo4273d ago

People that are addicted to one thing are most likely addicted to another.
I was watching on the science channel about additcion. They were saying that the brain does not know the difference between one addiction to another. Drugs, anger, Sex addiction and game addiction. It always stimulates the same part of the brain.

004273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

Anything can be an addiction.