Prototype System Requirements Revealed

Game-Debate have published system requirements for the genetically mutated, shape-shifter, action game by Developer Radical and Publishing House Activision.

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Eiffel3489d ago

This was posted on Activisions Prototype Forums a while ago.

But meh still news.

J8M7G3488d ago

Link won't work for me but should be okay crysis funs on full.

Charlie26883489d ago

For a sandbox game those specs seem pretty low, hopefully it runs well not like some other recent PC versions of sandbox games that run horrendously even on high end PCs >.>

free2game3653489d ago

Far Cry 2, that ran amazingly well on the PC.

Charlie26883489d ago

I know for the graphics it had it run smoothly, but then look at Mercenaries 2 which looks like a PS2 and is a technical nightmare on the PC, same goes for the PC versions of Saints Row 2 and GTA4 which are brutally unoptimized and suffer even with specs well above the recommended ones and that is not even counting the massive amount of bugs and glitches :/

XxSpiiKeZxX3489d ago

i thought we lived in a world where we beleive pc gamoing is the best and yet even the most simplest of games are broken

free2game3653489d ago

You've got to remember though, Saints Row 2 and GTA4 don't exactly run very well on consoles either. As far as Mercs 2 goes, the game was bad, but it didn't seem to have any performance issues on my PC at all, still buggy and bad though. I remember showing GTA4 running on my PC, and even with it running at 30 FPS he said it looked significantly better than the console version and ran a lot better too.

Keita1013479d ago

in regards to gta IV it does perform significantly better imo with the new patches, but yes, saints row 2 and mercs 2 are still technical nightmares on the pc, it can get pretty bad on the console version as well

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STONEY43489d ago

One question: does it have DRM?

free2game3653489d ago

It's being published by Activision so it's likely to have nothing more than a basic disc check.

AuToFiRE3489d ago

wow its been a long time since ive played PC games, and holy crap have the requirements ever gone up

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