Finalboss: Aquanaut´s Holiday: Hidden Memories Review

There are not many games that can be described as "of diving." Indeed, only recently resolved some companies invest in specific niche, leaving aside the part of "fight" usually connected to the concept. But you can captivate the player with a title which he does not suffer threats? There are people who do not even consider this as a "game" properly, but leaving aside the controversy, the answer is very simple: you can do. Recently, Endless Ocean for Wii, showed that it is not necessary to submit blood and destruction on the seabed so that the player remains entertaining. But before that in 1995 more accurately, the PSOne received its first round of titles and then the guy premiered a representative of the genre, called Aquanaut's Holiday, which has already proven this argument. Pity that those who enjoyed the title and waited for more than Artdink had to wait long for another 14 years here. Aquanaut's Holiday: Hidden Memories (Kakusareta Kiroku in Japan) came to the PlayStation 3 in Japan and parts of Asia and hopes, though very distant , it was worth.

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TomMcBaum3489d ago

I'm considering buying it, but I don't think I can be bothered grinding through all the puzzles without some sort of a guide. All those "Simon Says" type puzzles would just get on my nerves, I fear. However, I love this sort of "ecosystem sim" (and, yes, people who like/hate this game would probably feel the same about Afrika/Hakuna Matata, which I'm *really* enjoying -- it's surprisingly deep).