Iphone vs Omnia i8910 HD comparison

Now will this happen with the next Iphone coming out having almost the same features as the Omnia HD?

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dampbuffalo3480d ago

Omnia i8910 HD for me. I heard that it's one of the best phones ever released. And it's going to be cheap at 650 bucks unlocked.

talltony3479d ago

The app store makes the iphone in my opinion. So I will get the next iphone.

likedamaster3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

First of all, the picture above displaying 2 phones side by side with the left one supposedly being the iphone is not an iphone, it is an ipod. Secondly, the video after the link shows it being compared to the 2g(hence the "basic iPhone" title) iphone, not the 3g iphone. So the HD phone is slightly faster than a 2g iphone? Wow, big deal.

Not knocking the HD phone but that's not impressive. Personally, I think it will just fall by the wayside like the rest of the other iClones. All competition is welcome I just don't see this particular tech competing.

Seriously, iphone has all the markets in a headlock right now with music, video, through itunes and now software/games through appstore. Impeccable service with an impeccable piece of technology. Seriously, apple with the iphone is too far ahead to think about it's competitors right now. Anything that gets in it's way gets steamrolled. HD or not.

Ju3479d ago

^^ maybe true. The iPhone is everything first, and then its a phone, too. That's my problem with the iPHONE. It sucks as a phone.

dampbuffalo3480d ago

Who will buy the next Iphone coming out?

drewsny3480d ago

my i910 already beats the iphone so why wont its next upgraded version beat it.

dampbuffalo3480d ago

I'm talking about the 3rd gen IPhone. The new one that Apple will announce soon at WWDC in Cali

theEnemy3479d ago

wait first for Apple to announce the 3rd Gen iPhone.

The Omnia pretty much obliterated the iPhone/3G in terms of specs, and adding the HD is just insult to injury.

Bolts3479d ago

You nobody give a damn if any other phone is better for movies, have a better display, better for emails/texing or even have a higher pixel camera. The strength of the iphone is in it's apps store. There is an iphone app for everything, and some of them are so indispensable that it's impossible to live without.

Thats how you beat the iphone, have better apps in addition to all the typical features.

GEESE3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Wait till the new iPhone hardware release (which is probably coming this summer) before comparing this thing.
Personally, I still have my beat up, non 3g iphone because I knew there would be a major upgrade of hardware and OS on the horizon. I love it too.
I think apple are just too far ahead in terms of smart phone wars. Everyone else is just trying to catch up, and rip them off.

My friend has the google android that was so hyped. It's f*cking horrible. And the new Blackberry touch screen sucks balls.

That omni thing is UGLY!
oh well

nbsmatambo3479d ago

i still have the original iphone, i love it to death. People just need to stop hating on the iphone, which revolutionized the smart phone indistry. New one is gonna b more [email protected], and i will get that 1

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The story is too old to be commented.