Rumor Smash: Epic Not Working on PS3-Exclusive Horror Title

Rumors of questionable origin have surfaced claiming that Epic Games has been working on a PS3-exclusive horror to be announced at next week's E3 expo. There were even some dubious claims of a confirmation by SCEA.

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Deviant4024d ago

Does anyone remember the GeoW2 rumors? ....ah anyway just wait for e3

jammy_704024d ago

anyway.... any1 realized that metal gear solid 5 is 2 in the hottest games list... is it even real? lol

theEnemy4024d ago

after seeing Big Boss and that Cyborg on this site:

We can say that there is MGS5 being developed as we speak.


Graphics4024d ago

MGS5 is not being made right now.. big boss is for metal gear solid peace walkers coming for psp, and the cyborg is for the Raiden game that is coming to pc,360,ps3, which will be 1st revealed on the 360 conference. Im lmao every time i listen to the retardation people are coming out with..

Pixel_Addict4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

So some unknown Gears of War fansite, a home for 360 fanatics, claims they contacted Epic Games and got an answer? Why is there no author for this? Why is there no quote for the actual statement they were given? How can this fugly unprofessional claim get a statement from Epic Games and not the Examiner, who reveiled the rumor. I'm not saying this rumor is true.. but wow, the lengths fanboys will go to comfort themselves.

RememberThe3574024d ago

Care to share how you found all that out? Because I'm pretty sure your the only one who "knows" this.

Tony P4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

"So some unknown Gears of War fansite, a home for 360 fanatics, claims they contacted Epic Games game them an answer? Why is there no name for this? Why is there no quote for the actual statement they were given? Wow, the lengths fanboys will go to comfort themselves."

The quote you're looking for is "false" from Dana Cowley at Epic Games. That seems pretty verifiable if by some chance the site is pushing BS. May I remind, the first article suggesting the rumour had even less evidence than this one. No given sources, no quotes. Just reassurances. Like it or not, this one has more weight behind it right now. Maybe the Examiner will come back and show off some proof too next time.

I will admit that they should go ahead and publish the whole email because "false" isn't very specific and could refer to one part of the rumour or all of them.

Sarcasm4024d ago

"Im lmao every time i listen to the retardation people are coming out with.. "

The only mental retardation I see is coming from you.

pain777pas4024d ago

Good if they do don't care if they don't. I wasn't expecting this title anyway.

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Hobadoon4024d ago

Why would you not want a new ip from a great developer? I don't get it...

4024d ago
ShabzS4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

oh i get it .. epic is tainted with microsoft blood isnt it ? ...

dude lets not lose focus on the games here ok ... we all love our respective consoles but that love would be virtually non existant if it werent for the games

TheBand1t4024d ago

GT5:P has sold 3.3 Million, and it's just a 'glorfied demo.'

Guitardr854024d ago

Yeah and I'm pretty sure MGS4 is approaching the 5 million mark!

36T4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

After reading over some of my comments. I must admit i sound like a douche. Not quite the point i was trying to get across. My bad, i apologize.

What the hell happened with Killzone 2 though. It still baffles me for a shooter to sell so little for such a good looking game. Yes i know it sold over a mil. I was expecting more though.

THWIP714024d ago

Yeah...something Gears 1 & 2 did within 5 months of release. MGS4 has been out for a YEAR.

dude_uk4024d ago

wow! you guys are such douche bags.

The guy was being sarcastic... ¬¬'

Jaces4024d ago

Well that's expected when

#1 The systems fan base is twice as big

#2 The fan base is filled with FPS whores

RememberThe3574024d ago

I get you.

I personally would want a horror game from them. They do action-shooters too well. I'd rather have them make that.

But to be honest I'm pretty sure Epic and MS are literally in bed together, so I didn't really believe this when In heard it.

pain777pas4024d ago

The original Xbox was built on a shooter that sold through the roof. Truth is shooters are not my favorite genre so I don't really care about hype. KZ2 is great overall probably at the top of the heap but that does not mean that an audience built on diversity will become focused on one game. PS3 gamers are different from xbox gamers. There are few standouts on PS really. GTA FF MGS and GT series are really the only mega sales drivers on the platform. However there are many critically acclaimed titles as GoW, Ratchet, Team ICO games etc....... Don't be fooled by sales because they are based not on quality. I can guarantee you'll find a movie license game that outsold a gem and we all know the condition of most movie licensed games.

Guitardr854023d ago

So what's you're point? Are you saying that Gears is a better game than MGS4? I'm not going to get into it one way or the other, I was just wondering if you ALWAYS base game appeal on sales numbers?

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San Frandisco4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

^^^^ wut the?
how is that credible to believe?
all they did was say they asked and he said its "false"
weres the damn confirmation proof?... fvckin xbox fanboy sites are scared thats wut it is.

im not gunna believe any of this sh!t untill E3 pops up.

Odion4024d ago

Well the rumors came from no name site, and this one comes from the IGN network

NOOBKILLA4024d ago

I agree with you! What is the point of being a fanboy of either Xbox 360 or PS3?

I'm a grown ass man with a job. I bought both consoles so I wouldn't care what games came out on what system.

These so called fanboys should do the same!!

Freak of Nature4024d ago

I agree...Best of both Worlds.No missing out on any of the best either console has to offer...

gintoki7774024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

trust me microsoft is paying loads to keep these companies exclusive. They cant give the ps3 an early release date instead of the 360's
what is next exclusive dlc for ff 13 on 360 only psh
well i dont think they will get versus because isnt noctis clouds younger brother so i dont think cloud a playstation character will appear on a 360 =)
360 needs games now more than ever anyway

JD_Shadow4024d ago

Actually, it's a hosted site on their servers that they decided to "unionize" in the look, so to speak. In reality, this is just a fan site that posted this, and, because it's hosted by Gamespy (who's owned by IGN), it'll be mistaken as being credible and an official "rumor smash". Although it won't make a difference one way or another to me, I wanted to make that clear since I know people are going to obviously mistake this for one of the sites that Gamespy actually contributes to.

And it's not like PR people are paid to divulge secrets to some random person (and it's not like they would be told of company secrets anyway).

It'll be interesting if the Examiner stands by their story, though. Let's just wait until E3.

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lloyd_wonder4024d ago

Why would Epic confirm it either way?

tdrules4024d ago

there is no evidence to disprove or prove.
therefore wait til e3

raztad4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )


Some gears fanboys are desperately needing someone denies this rumor. LOL

Its like they feel EPIC belongs to them. Fanboys are so laughable. If this turns out to be true. AWESOME. JUst hope game to be good. If its not a ps3 exclusive but a multiplat, great, everybody will enjoy the game.

As poster above said, just wait E3


You right but considering secrecy is a standard practice in videogame business, rumors are unavoidable, and who doesnt like a good rumor? they always are fun even if at the end turn out to be false :D

Edit2: I for one think Gears on the PS3 isnt going to happen, it's not even a rumor just wishful thinking.

On the other hand, some form of MGS4 could appear on the 360.

A rumor to be good need to hold some water in a reality check.

II Necroplasm II4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Well, rumors lead more to other rumors.
I think 90% of rumors should not be allowed on this "news" site.

Most the time the stuff is stupid misleading speculation just out to get hits.

Edit: only a hypocrite would disagree with that...

Gears of war for the PS3!
MGS4 to tha 360!