22secs of Aliens vs. Predator

Here's only the gameplay footage from the upcoming PC, Xbox 360 a PlayStation 3 shooter Aliens vs. Predator.

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dragonyght3483d ago

i loved the original one i spent countless of hour on it

redsquad3482d ago

You mean the Atari Jaguar version??? It was poop (I've still got it up in my attic somewhere), but if you mean the PC version then I agree!! Nothing cooler than taking a Marine's head off with a Predator dart and seeing it pin against the wall...

sam22363482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Are you mad?!! The game isn't due for release until next year, so the graphics are going to be ten times better then. The graphics look amazing now, imo.

terrandragon3482d ago

Did you just look at the graphics and not the gameplay? You must be out of your mind, even for a fanboy.

-MD-3482d ago

Hes a Sony slave guys he doesn't care about the game itself just if it looks good.

Mikerra173482d ago

this is coming out for the ps3 so how does this make him a sony slave?

zagibu3482d ago

@terrandragon: It's a bit difficult to see gameplay in 20 seconds...

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The story is too old to be commented.