PSM3 Review Scores - July 2009 - Issue 115

The latest PSM3 review scores including inFamous, Red Faction: Guerilla, Ghostbusters, and FUEL.

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xabmol4400d ago

If they gave inFAMOUS a 71, then Ghostbusters must be amazing!!

aksmashh4399d ago

Ghostbusters Has Been Getting Some Good Reviews
I Hope Its Got A Coop If Not A MP

anh_duong4399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

PSM3 are part of future publishing network and guess what:

they are part of GAMESRADAR, EDGE and CVG.

they are hardly going to break ranks on their reviews since they share alot of staff

furthermore eurogamer network has close links with edge sharing a lot of staff for review purposes.

psm3, edge, cvg, eurogamer and gamesradar have reputation for lower reviews for ps3 exclusives than other comparable exclusives.

conspiracy?? haven't got time to dwelve into actually statistics so maybe someone should do an exclusive by exclusive comparison to see if this observation is true

in fact future publishing also publish the opm which often rates ps3 exclusive games below metacritic average score.

even gamecentral has close links with edge and future publishing having shared editors (they gave God of War 2 a 6 and Killzone a 7).

top 20 gamecentral 2007 game did not include a single eclusive ps3 game

top 4 gamecentral 2008 game were all 4 xbox available games (2 exclusives 2 multi). Overall just 2 ps3 exclusives in top 20 (metal gear solid didn't even make the list) and 5 exclusive xbox games.

and the editor doesn't actually own a ps3 (is this really true?)

of the the 6 lowest reviews for infamous FOUR come from FUTURE PUBLISHING NETWORK, Eurogamer and Gamecentral which share close editorial links and staff.


Mr Face Creamer4400d ago

Red Faction is going to be success... FUEL got a 73%.. Still can't make up my mind if this is any good.

Ghostbusters 85%? Lol.

II Necroplasm II4400d ago

What? you don't think Ghostbusters will be a good game?

I think it looks awesome so far.

PrimordialSoupBase4400d ago

Fuel has been extremely divisive with critics, shame there isn't a demo.

table4399d ago

Another AAA exclusive for ps3 in ghostbusters! I knew it all along >_>

Red Faction Guerrilla looks to be a great game. Didn't really know anything about it up until recently.

deadreckoning6664400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )

Okay guys I don't wanna sound like a hater, but A PLAYSTATION MAG gave INFAMOUS a 71%. I can't wait to hear INFAMOUS fanboys excuses for this one, lol. Before u guys call me an xbot, I suggest u IM me at my PSN name: deadreckoning666. I decided on Prototype a while ago and I'm trying to figure out why I get hated alot for saying that I thk that Prototype is better. Immediately I get called xbot or fanboy. What the hell is up with people today? Why do I HAVE to chose INFAMOUS over PROTOTYPE if I have a PS3?

CoxMulder4400d ago


..keep trying lol

Skynetone4400d ago


With a demo available to download, people can make up there own minds

Dead_Cell4400d ago

I don't like quite a few AAA titles and rate some that don't have high praise better.
And why are you so insistent on letting everyone know InFAMOUS isn't AAA? Christ did it run over your dog or something.
How about you get it into your "thick head" that just because it isn't to your taste it doesn't mean it isn't to everyone elses.

Jinxstar4400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )

inFAMOUS is the most fun I have had this generation so far. Sucker punch are amazing developers and I could care less what some moronic reviewers think from a few magazines. If your on PSN you should have already played the demo and seen that the game is pretty freakin sweet by now. Hate all you want on it. I will admit it has a few flaws. Overall though it's the best open world game I have played this generation. The story is top notch and the acting/musical score/ characters/ plot/ development are all spot on. I can't say enough how much SP nailed it.

I am a sony fanboy but to be honest I am one of the few who really hated MGS4 and I admired the graphics of KZ2 but would rather play COD4 anyday for MP/SP. That being said inFAMOUS is more then average and it won't appeal to everyone just like MGS didn't appeal to me. Sucker Punch are geniuses in my eyes and always have been.

Edit: Oh and who cares about AAA anyway. Plenty of junk games dont get that status and plenty of great ones miss that "90%" or whatever forum people thinks qualifies a game to be AAA.

GVON4400d ago

infamous would be a mid 8 game,and after playing I think I'm right,but thats a top score.

I don't think I'll put the time into infamous yet though,I have started playing MGO again,(feels better than ever)and I got demon souls this morning,and whilst infamous is good,the other two are great and will eat my gaming time up,but it's nice that i can throw it on for a hour here and there and have fun playing it.

Darkeyes4400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )

Nice try to dampen the spirits. Seriously.... it's personal preference. If you like Prototype more, then get it. Ya OK the game got 71.... Well that is always noted over the fact that countless other sources have given the game full marks and no one notes that (ya not even Metacritics). So more than 40-50 sites which have given the game the awesome 'must buy' status are stupid and the handful 5-6 reviews that give it a 7 are the ones used to gauge the game?

And for your kind information, Prototype reviews aren't even out yet (at least from credible sources). If it scores greater than Infamous, then well and good. I will probably get both, but that doesn't mean that Infamous is a bad game. Just cause you can't afford both, the one you won't buy isn't always crap.

I have played Infamous and love it. Just pass you judgement after playing the game and not by all the reviews posted. That 7 is absolutely pathetic.. and I stand by my statement. If Infamous is 7, on the same scale I would rate GTA4 a 5... Infamous is the best open world game at least for now. I can't believe how people could give GTA4 absolute 10s!!! The game was so boring and repetitive.. a huge step down from GTA:SA.. yet it gets 10s and Infamous with which I have had nearly twice the fun also get great reviews and none of them get posted on Metacritics... Seriously people there hate PS3 exclusives.

CoxMulder4400d ago

Stealth edit FTW??

..f***in tool

redsquad4400d ago

How can you "think PROTOTYPE is better" though? Personally I wouldn't know either way...

Keith Olbermann4400d ago

infamous will be better than prototype. duh.

xabmol4400d ago

Motorstorm:PR is my favorite racing game this gen, but it only got a 82.

Uncharted:DF is still one of the bet games on the PS3, but it's only at 89.

R&CF:ToD was another "AAA" game for me, but it only got an 89, and Quest for Booty only got a 76.

flOw only got a 71, but I it's better than that. Way better.

GTA4 got a 98, but I couldn't get past 29% before I got bored with it.

Fallout 3 with it's 91 was a big "meh."

inFAMOUS is a blast to play and I don't care if Ron Paul himself came to my door and told me otherwise. I'm still gonna be collecting blast shards today.

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BigPappaPump4400d ago

Whatever man..... I hope you people aren't influenced to buy games by these so called journalists. Anyway, back to my inFamous session.

THWIP714400d ago

...why the hell would you stop, just to post in a stupid N4G thread?

I smell BS. :)

xabmol4400d ago

Do you play every game you like 24/7?

"...why the hell would you stop, just to post in a stupid N4G thread?

I smell BS. :) "


THWIP714399d ago

24/7 ? No.

But, when I'm gaming...and really, truly enjoying a game...I don't voluntarily interrupt my fun by coming to this dismal place. I've been known to play games for an entire weekend, only stopping for the "necessities".

xabmol4399d ago

I'm on here at least every 6 hours or so. I don't care what game I'm playing. Getting some good ol' E3 leakage is awesome and I can never resist seeing the reviews for the game I am playing.

BigPappaPump4399d ago (Edited 4399d ago )

Like you (assuming), I have a life. I don't play any of my FAVORITE game for 24 hrs straight. Do yourself a favor and stop assuming a person like me would pause my game just to comment on N4G hoping people like you would react off of my BS comment. You've no idea what I was doing before logging on to here. Speaking of smelling BS, what you smell was probably your rancid body odor. Take care of that hygene.

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deadreckoning6664400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )

I'm mainly targeting the people who are praising INFAMOUS but hating on prototype in the process. AND TRUST ME, I understand that people have different likes and dislikes, but comparing INFAMOUS to KZ2 or MGS4 as far as quality is concerned is a just cwazy by anyones standards. Personally, Im a METACRITIC kinda guy. I like to see EVERYONES opinions, except EDGE because those guys are straight up d-bags.

Dogmeat eater: I agree, I don't know why people say that GS is biased. The problen is that the bigger sites like IGN and GT are giving the game 9's. But the smaller sites are giving it 8's and 7's. What I hate are people who see one or two reviews(IGN and GT) and instantly say AAA. lol It's stupid

dogmeat eater4400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )

1st MGS4, 2nd KZ2,3rd Infamous,4th LBP,etc. Infamous got a 9 from IGN, a 9 from Gamespot, a 9 from gametrailers. Those are really the only good reviewers. Some people think gamespot is biased which there not. Every review they've done is usually spot on.

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