GameSpot: Necrovision Review

GameSpot writes,
"Necrovision is not a game that you should judge based solely on its first few hours of play. The early action can be great fun, but some clunky technical issues and frustrating missions don't show this supernatural first-person shooter at its best. However, about a third of the way through, it leaps a great barrier and becomes a blast to play, even if its ongoing narrative doesn't make a lick of sense. But this is a challenging arcade FPS in the vein of Painkiller or Serious Sam, so don't come in expecting innovation or cohesive storytelling. Instead, come for the demons, the zombies, and the giant robotic scorpion. Oh, and come for the fire-breathing dragon that you get to ride around on."

The Good
* You shoot hordes of decaying zombies, creepy demons, and hulking bosses
* Demonic glove makes for fun melee combat
* Cool occult atmosphere
* You ride around on a dragon.

The Bad
* It takes too long to reach the good stuff
* A bunch of technical issues
* Poor writing and voice acting.

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