Top 25 Underrated Nintendo Games

Gamedaily goes through their top 25 underrated Nintendo games.

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Ninjamonkey3430d ago

Some of the games there look pretty cool.

Theyre probably available somewhere on the internet as a flash version...

Shnazzyone3430d ago

alright list... still i hate clicking next over and over again. Some good gems. I remember playing ice hockey for hours with my cousins just trying to get into fights. I think earthbound should have been number 1 seeing as that #1 title seems to be the inspiration for elite beat agents and that in no way shape or form should ever be above earthbound on any countdown.

SpoonyRedMage3430d ago

I don't think all of these are underrated as several of them are deservingly regarded as brilliant.

Turntable Jack3430d ago

Pretty good list. Put some crappy games on there, and put some games that are not under-rated (advance wars...), but that is alright.

Maniac Mansion for the NES was one of the greatest games EVER and is very under-rated. And you know what other game is very under-rated to hit a Nintendo console? Final Fantasy 6

hatchimatchi3430d ago

underrated by who?

I'm pretty sure all those games either did well in sales/reviews or both even. This list was pretty stupid tbh.