PSU Review: Formula One: Championship Edition

What is Formula One?

Under the assumption that most Americans get their vehicular racing in the form of NASCAR, it is necessary to provide a little background information, as Sony so graciously forgot to when they plopped Formula One Championship Edition into non-European territories. Formula 1 is the highest class of automobile racing on the planet; the fastest thing on four wheels on a very large course with other vehicles of its kind. The average F1 vehicle travels at around 190 miles an hour while cruising around the varied courses. That's hot...

Overall: 77/100

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Torch4270d ago

is that it may be TOO real.

You've got to be a really hardcore fan of F1 (and a very patient one at that) to get full use out of this title.

That said, it's always good to have a fairly polished niche products available such as this one.