No F1 game this year

The story behind there being no Formula One game on the PS3 this year. Sony had a five year deal to produce the official F1 game. The license fee was $15 million per year and the deal ran out with the 2007 version. Here's why it hasn't been renewed.

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sfinXters4773d ago

Goddamit, Bernie, get a life and let us play F1!

Sometimes it seems Ecclestone doesn't even care about the future of the sport. Maybe its because he's old.

PirateThom4773d ago

Polyphony Digital are trying to get more support for F1 Cars in Gran Turismo 5, so they don't need to make F1 games anymore.

sonarus4773d ago

2 games more profitable than 1. So yea they do. F1 sells a lot especially in EU. No where near GT sales but sales are high regardless

iMad4773d ago

So there should be an F1 game on xbox/ps3.

Kyur4ThePain4773d ago

Please don't allow EA to f##k up my favorite sport.

heyheyhey4773d ago


to be fair, the worst thing they could do is make barely any improvements over previous installments

it would take a retard of the highest degree to screw the game up after Sony laid down the groundwork

resistance1004773d ago

Poly will create the next F1 game for Ps3 i suspect

DJ4773d ago

If Polyphony boosts the number of F1 cars for the GT series, we probably won't even need another F1 title through Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.