Blu-ray Sales Up 119%, DVD down 13%

Home Media Magazine has now published the already-familiar pie chart comparing aggregate unit sales of the top 20 BDs versus the top 20 DVDs. The split for this week is 14% BD: 86% DVD.

Total revenue from BD sales was $20.92 million, up 119.47% from the same week last year. DVD revenue was $178.53 million, down 13.10% year-on-year.

BD accounted for 10.5% of total packaged-media sales revenue.

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whoelse4201d ago

Oh dear BD is not coping very well is it. /sarcasm

Mr_Bun4201d ago

Guess this means Blu-ray is dead

darthv724201d ago

I would expect BD to have been better than last year which is no surprise. For DVD to be down only 13% from this time last year is the surprising part.

DelbertGrady4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

Total revenue from BD sales was $20.92 million...DVD revenue was $178.53 million.

And lets just ignore the fact that DVD has been on the market for 13 years.

No, DVD is not doing good at all ;)

4201d ago
doG_beLIEfs4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

The only people that are shocked about this FACT are those who don't own a PS3 or Blu-ray player.

It is going to be nearly impossible to post a negative article about the PS3 by the end of E3 2009.

DelbertGrady4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

Because I question the statistics? DVD was at it's peak 10 years ago, Blu-Ray is peaking right now. It's a silly comparison.

If calling me an idiot is the best you can resort to I pity your intellect.

Sarcasm4201d ago

A good indication I've seen on the growth of Blu-Ray is through blockbuster.

2 Years ago, I asked one of the employees "When are you guys going to have a Blu-Ray section?"

"Not for awhile man. It's just not that popular and it's too expensive."

Today, when I go into the blockbuster they went from a few shelves to having about 20% of their shelf space for blu-rays. I always see people looking at the Blu-Ray sections too. And it pisses me off sometimes cause I want to rent the BD version just for it to be all rented out.

But indeed, despite this economic crisis, blu-ray or entertainment is still growing.

D4RkNIKON4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

"Because I question the statistics? DVD was at it's peak 10 years ago, Blu-Ray is peaking right now."

You just proved his point in calling you stupid. lol Blu-Ray is only going up from here man, and you are blind not to see it. As if BD has "Peaked" and this is its high point, and it is only going to go down from here? Do you understand what peak is? Blu-Ray is climbing.

@ Sarcasm

Yeah, my local Hollywood video started with such a small Blu-Ray section at first, and it is now over 6 times the shelf space now about 20% of the store. The selection is growing because all new movies that release are out on DVD and Blu-Ray.

table4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

so you honestly believe DVD will remain the standard because it is still being widely used when it's passed its peak? BS. Blu-ray is now the standard, these figures reflect that since more people are moving on to the tech. I know it may be hard for you to take but DVD will become obsolete sooner rather than later. And how is the comparison silly? It shows how people are moving away from DVD and onto Blu-ray.

Pennywise4201d ago

Pay no attention to Sodapoop. He is just an angry little man.

Explain to us genius how DVD peaked 10 years ago when the only format to challenge it came out 3 years ago?

You are really digging. If you think Bluray is at its peak it just proves to everyone on N4G how irrelevant your comments are. What a joke.

Sitdown4201d ago

I use to be in that boat........until I found out the I usually do not have to worry about missing out on the bluray version.

In addition, you can tell the changing of times......used blurays are hitting that sweet spot, and consumers are loving it.

And finally...its always funny and sad to come into such articles and see the first 50 posters say "b b buu but bluray is dead" despite the contrary......and all the other unoriginal lines.

darthv724201d ago

Why does dvd have to be obsolete? Are they not still playable in the current and future generation of bd players? Unless there is another revised spec happening that removes regular dvd playabck.....?

table4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

I don't think they will ever remove DVD playback, but eventally they will stop making DVD players and selling DVDs in shops. Tech doesn't stand still and the market will move where the money is.

@soda- no, blu-ray has not hit its peak it is clearly still growing or did you just ignore those figures.

Boo at the mods for deleting my comment. It was clearly fact.

Argento-Nox4201d ago

@Soda Popinsky

Let's all just ignore the fact that DVD also took 7 full years to overtake VHS. Blu-ray's doing fine, no reason for you to get your panties in a bunch!

darthv724201d ago

If anything, they should have already stopped making the players. Especially Sony who is a big supporter of the hd format. To move forward they must be willing to take risks. Why should sony continue to make players and support the old format when they really want to move forward? Let the other studios continue to support DVD as well as other mfg make players.

To truly cause a shift into the next gen format it has to start somewhere. Why not let that bold company be Sony? I always wondered if they really believe in the format enough to commit full force or if they themselves have reservations on whether or not it will succeed. As long as there are low budget studios making direct to video movies, there will be a need for DVD. The major push for adotion has to come from the studios with more clout. Sure it was enough to win the hddvd/blu battle but each one of those studios seems scared of letting go of DVD.

It has happened before in the music industry. There has to be the first one to completely cut off support for an older format in favor of a newer. Look at the first CD only release of Vanilla Ice (ugh...I know i know) yet it was a release that had no record or tape version of the album. It may have caused some to be put off because they had not gotten a cd player yet but it did have an impact on the adoption of the format.

You would think that a studio with as much backing as Sony would flat out start releasing their movies ONLY on bluray. It may piss off some people but it could spark the adoption of the format all the investors are wanting.

table4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

Good points some that I agree with. Time will tell lord vader, but I reckon we will probably see a moment where someone stops making DVD players to spawn an almost complete adoption to Blu-ray. It doesn't have to be SONY as they are not the only company whos best interets are with blu-ray. Infact, there are actually some companies still making VHS even though it is technically obsolete so one could argue DVD never took over... but that would be silly, just like its silly to think blu-ray will never lead the market. VHS didn't just stop being made when DVD came along it took time and was a gradual process. btw, I've never bought a blu-ray disc other than a ps3 game I'm not really a tech nut.

Interesting thought but what if the 360 was built with HD DVD in mind. Would blu-ray have won then? Ps3 had alot to do with the blu-ray winning the battle but if the 360 was already using HD DVD we might have just adopted it.

darthv724201d ago

If the 360 had hddvd then we would not be having to swap discs or hear as many complaints about lack of space for game content.

Realistically, between the two for movies I feel blu would have still won. Simple fact is toshiba is not a content provider like sony is. the ace in the blu pocket is not only one of the major developers of the format but also a major studio backing the format. Sony has their hand in many cookie jars. Toshiba made a great product and I can't tell the visual difference between the two. Audibly there is a difference but you really have to have the right equipment to notice.

I still think MS should have kept the hddvd drives as replacements to the dvd in the 360. It may have been a failed format for movies but for games it would have pleased many a dev who complained about space limitations. Honestly, the lack of space is what is really hurting the 360 when it comes to games on the same level of the ps3. Power wise they are about equal but it really isnt about power. It is about the talent that uses that power. I can tell you I have seen some games on the genesis that should never have been possible and made the snes take notice. That isnt the power of the system but the talent of the programmers.

Sorry...that last part was off topic.

rockleex4200d ago

Bluray should have outdone DVD the moment it was launched!

Just like how the PS3 was supposed to sell 8 million units during its launch to beat the 360's 7 million unit headstart!

It doesn't matter that DVD had been in the market for years, Bluray is supposed to slay it within a matter of seconds!

DelbertGrady4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

I don't think DVD will be around for much longer. And I didn't say Blu-Ray has peaked. I said it is peaking ie. it's climbing and will do so for the next years.

I think digital distribution will take over pretty soon. If you take Moore's law into account and look at how music and movies are being downloaded in a much greater extent than they are being bought on Blu-Ray this discussion becomes obsolete.

@Argento-Nox - Lets not ignore it instead. That's a perfect example. Blu-Ray won't have 7 years to overcome DVD. Digital distribution will have become much more accessible in much less than 7 years.

Blu-Ray is not the future. It's a trojan horse to sell PS3's.

Argento-Nox4200d ago (Edited 4200d ago )

What current public/private infrastructure in N.A is good enough for HD streaming downloads on par with blu-ray? My country, Canada isn't going completely digital for TV broadcasting until 2011 (meaning we can expect several years of lag time after 2011 before HD TV becomes the norm). None of the major internet providers north of the border, currently has a DL speed fast enough to make HD streaming downloads a standard.

Some U.S internet providers have caps on how much you can download or a cap on the DL speed. The largest obstacle to U.S internet and TV providers is government regulations/restrictions on internet and digital TV speeds.

We're not talking about small mp3 files that can be downloaded on oldschool dial-up internet, but rather huge 10+ GB files. This isn't Korea or Japan where internet regulations for the internet are more lax, with dl speeds of roughly 10 MB/sec. Until some drastic changes are made on both sides of the border to truly usher in HD as a standard, blu-ray is here to stay.

Did you not take into consideration that even with new digital broadcasting standards, that the material in question might need a physical media to put some of the digital broadcasted shows and movies onto for the general consumers that still buy in the store?

My point is, blu-ray is the "current" future, whether or not it's a trojan horse or not, customers will decide. The PS2 afterall, was probably the biggest reason for the success of DVD as a format.

JoySticksFTW4200d ago

Actually, most would say that it's the other way around...

PS3 was the trojan horse for Blu-ray to gain a sizable market over hd-dvd. Winning the next-gen dvd format war was the real prize. The next gen game console war is small potatoes in comparison.

EVERYONE buys / rents movie disks. Only gamers buy large libraries of games. And that Wii crowd buys even less... maybe Wii Play and Wii Fit with a random Mario title. Grand-parents and moms aren't buying Mad World, but they'll buy their favorite movies.

Some would say that the blu-ray drive is what initially hindered PS3 sales, making debut months later and at a much higher price point.

But why am I having a discussion with a guy in Klan robes?

Montreafart4200d ago

"PS3 was the trojan horse for Blu-ray to gain a sizable market over hd-dvd. Winning the next-gen dvd format war was the real prize. The next gen game console war is small potatoes in comparison."

>> That is correct observation. Sony has won the multi billion dollar market that is the high definition format market with Blu Ray.

The way things are going, its clear however that Sony will also win the HD gaming market.

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TheColbertinator4201d ago

Looks like blu-ray will fail /sarcasm

I knew blu-ray would succeed since Disney announced its support for the format

OmarJA4201d ago

Who told this ? that retarded -MoOoKs- ?

Nelson M4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

Still sore that his HDVD Disc is now being used as a Coaster

TheColbertinator4201d ago

I never got into HD DVD.I never supported that sh!t format.

You're a fool,Nelson.This has little to do with the PS3 anymore.Sony has to fight two wars now,assuring the success of blu-ray and making sure the PS3 can make them at least 1$ in profit

frayer4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

This is what winning feels like

bots wouldn't know they still get RROD, E47, bought HD-DVD players, are stuck with proprietary hard drives, pay full price to beta test games, have no games for 09 and they pay for laggy online

sucks to be a bot, i know

NegativeCreep4274201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

but you have to admire their passion. You could threatened to cut their balls off with a rusty razor and they would still not admit any of that is last-gen tech, near obsolete, or true.

ultimolu4201d ago

Poor children.

Just pray for them. They will see the light sooner or later.

Marcello4201d ago

Yep Blu-ray is finished, on it`s last legs

Jrome4201d ago

buh-buh-buh bluray is dying. Digital downloads r teh fuch0rz! (future)

Daoshai4201d ago

Don't think bluray is dying, BUT

I think digital download is the future ;) just not anytime soon

Information Minister4201d ago

Digital downloads still have a long way to go before reaching the quality of a Blu-Ray disc. And even when they do, many people will still prefer to have a physical copy of their media.

As it stands right now, after you get a taste of "Transformers" or "Wanted" in 1080p blu-ray, there's just no going back. Everything else will look horrible.

kaelix4201d ago

When I can click DWL then click PLAY then yeah I'll be interested. Other than that if it requires waiting then no thanks o.O Hard copy will do for now until instant dwl and play features become a reality :D