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Toshiba's Questionable Commitment to HD-DVD

Toshiba is selling the HD-A1 at unsustainable loss, and company President Nishida is calling for format unification. Is Toshiba really in to win?

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Islandkiwi6566d ago

From what I've been seeing in the news and reading about the quality/cost of both blu-ray and hd-dvd, there won't be a winner in these format wars. People will stick with dvds.

achira6566d ago

you have read something wrong, you should not read all the sh!t in the internet. go buy one and you will see the next gen movies ! the quality is unbelievable!

shotty6566d ago

It's going to end up like DVD+-R. Where both formats exist and we have duel players. Where the majority will be on HD-DVD since it's cheaper but ever the extra space is needed and sony ever finishes the 50Gb then they will release on blu-ray

TheMART6566d ago

In a few years time it isn't nescessary to own a next gen drive.

All will be streamed and downloadable. HD video, games, all. Like demo's on marketplace and arcadegames already are.

No need to distribute fysical media/games/movies. Cut costs. Deliver cheaper. No scratches on media.

I think neither format will really be sold. It's not worth the money at this time for sure

The BS Police6566d ago

I don't undestand it whn people say Next Gen DVDs!

It's ust old DVDs with a tad better picture and sound quality with more disc space, who really gives a sh!t!

I think most people are good with DVD anyway!

ScorpioKyle6566d ago

by the time the mass market accepts replacing standard DVDs, there will be a format much better than blueray or HDdvd

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shoota336566d ago

haha toshiba knows what coming to them. blu ray is going to own.

The BS Police6566d ago (Edited 6566d ago )

How much of the owrlds population cares about HDDVs like 8%!!!!!

Both formats are going down if you ask me!

shoota336566d ago

WoW all of a sudden next gen formats are useless no one will buy them.You xbots are some funny charactors.


bluray uses mpeg2 compression, which sucks.

i have a hd-dvd player and the quality is awesome.

The BS Police6566d ago

I am not for HD-DVD because unlike you who would waste your money on something you don't need I am catious on buying most products!

The world doesn't need HD-DVD's and thats a fact, just because I'm an XBOX fan doesn't man I share the same vews as all the other XBOX fans!

I'm not purchasing any of the HD-DVD formats!

dantesparda6566d ago (Edited 6566d ago )

Um, BS Police? do the math, 8% of the worlds population is 512 MILLION!!! HELLO!!! thats alot of people! thats more people than theyre in America and Canada combined.

And p.s. its got 15GB's to 50GB's (HD-DVD is 15GB or 45GB if triple layered and Bluray is 25GB & 50GB Dual-layered) therefore with that extra space you can run the movies in 1080P (which is 1920x1080 non-interlaced [or progressive if you prefer] non compressed. (well supposedly). The pits on it are much smaller than current DVD's and thats how they get higher capacity on them and you need a much higher wavelength (smaller/shorter waves ) laser. Hence the blue laser (just look at the electromagnetic spectrum ultraviolet/blue is shorter wavelengths and red is a longer wavelength.

Right now on standard DVD's you have 480P (640x480 non-interlaced) and its MPEG-2 compressed

The BS Police6566d ago

Wow that is alot of people, okay let me rephrace that, 1% of the population cares about HD-DVDs!

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Cyclonus6566d ago

BluRay vs HD-DVD remind me of the SACD vs DVD-AUDIO thing a few years back.

Both audio formats' sound quality were vastly superior to cd, but consumers ended up not giving a sh!t about either one.

ACE6566d ago

they should just work on big hard drives would work out cheaper