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Before we at TotalPlaystation really start digging into the meat of this review, we feel it's kind important to make a very important distinction about inFAMOUS that may well change what you expect, and thus how you enjoy Sucker Punch's latest little comic-fueled epic: this is not a sandbox game. It's open-world, yes, to an extent, and there are moments where you can sort of bend the rules a little to create your own outcome, but those expecting this to be Grand Theft Auto with superpowers will be sorely mistaken.

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Dipso5440d ago

Great review but...

"inFAMOUS is many things; a superhero epic, a decent into indulging one's dark side, a comic book fable and an electrically-charged shooter. Above all else, though, it's a next-gen platformer -- something the PS3 was lacking until now."

Eh..what about a little old game from Insomniac?


The inFamous games deserve more love from Sony

The inFamous games are an important part of PlayStation history, but the series is in limbo and playing older entries isn't exactly easy.

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LucasRuinedChildhood61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Would like remasters of 1 and 2. I enjoyed them much more than Second Son.

1 & 2 had more of an emphasis on climbing and the traversal requires a bit more effort in a good way. It was rewarding. Second Son made climbing mostly obsolete so they put little effort into it. The traversal was just great in inFamous 1 & 2. There's a reason Sunset Overdrive copied and improved upon the induction grind mechanic.

Reminds me of how I felt about the decline of parkour and the well designed tombs (basically Prince Of Persia levels) that we saw in the Assassin's Creed games.

The story and atmosphere were also much better in 1 & 2.

Electricity is just a brilliant superpower for an open world city. It perfectly fits just like webslinging does in New York and it has many applications.

Cacabunga61d ago

For sure.. one of my favorite Sony licenses

Shane Kim61d ago

Loved one and two. I actually liked the story as well.

Minute Man 72161d ago

The standalone DLC was a sweet

jznrpg61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

I enjoyed Second Son but it was too short. The first 2 were great though

-Foxtrot60d ago

Second Son was alright but didn't touch the first two games

It felt short and lacking in comparison

Also I really thought Reggie would have made a better protagonist, someone who is anti-conduit as much as him and ends up becoming one would have been interesting to see. I kind of enjoyed his character throughout the game as his development.

badz14960d ago

why is it right now, the thing I want the most from Sony is to release remasters of inFamous (1,2 & SS), KZ (1,2 & 3), Resistance (RFoM, 2 and 3) and Motorstorm (1,2 & 3)??

The_Hooligan60d ago

All great choices. I would like to add Warhawk/Starhawk to that. The multiplayer in Warhawk was amazing. I am surprised Sony hasn't looked into MAG either. That game was ahead of its time.

Maybe Sony should make an internal studio like Bluepoint games and all they do is remake/remaster these amazing games, even going back to PS1,PS2,PSP, Vita portfolio. And because of the recent articles suggesting cost cutting, budget issues and releasing more games on PC, they could do that with these remakes/remasters. Do a day one on PC and PS5. At the end of the day Sony or any other company is going to do what makes them the most money.

Kiryu199260d ago

Would love a remastered collection on PS5/PC

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kpgs61d ago

Wouldn't the onus be on the consumers? If they bought the Infamous games, then we'd have more games from that series.

KwietStorm_BLM61d ago

Infamous has sold millions of units. People have been asking for more. They aren't interested. Just like people have been asking for more Resistance or even a remaster collection, but insomniac isn't revisiting that either. Likely never getting a new sequel since they're a Marvel studio now.

LucasRuinedChildhood61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

No. Infamous was successful. But after a few entries (which are taking longer to make these days) a lot of Sony studios move on to new IPs. That's not a bad thing at all. They don't need to make inFamous games forever, just like we didn't need new Sly Cooper games forever.

But people would like to be able to easily play them on current hardware which is reasonable. Same for Killzone, Resistance, MGS4, etc. Good games shouldn't be trapped on old hardware. It's good that Bluepoint ported Uncharted 1-3.

kpgs61d ago

I'm not saying it wasn't successful. I enjoyed playing all 3 entries and DLC. But like you said, people move on, studios move on. But I don't think I've heard people asking for more Infamous in a long time.

Profchaos61d ago

The franchise was popular we got quite a few games but Suchet punch wanted to beach out I think that's why we got ghost of Tsushima over infamous 4

Tbh ghost is a fantastic game I'm not complaining about that but I'd love to see infamous handled by another team

jznrpg60d ago

Id take GoT2 over Infamous right now but after GoT2 or maybe 3 if they go trilogy I’d like a new Infamous.

badz14960d ago

that's the problem with Sony that puzzles me A LOT! they have studios specifically specialized in remastering and remaking old games for new gen hardware, but we are getting very few of them. SoTC, Uncharted collections, Demon's Souls Remake, TLoU Part 1...and?? that's it? why aren't they giving their old games new lease of life on the PS5 for the new generations of gamers to enjoy? they clearly have the expertise. for god sake, I can even accept lazy porting like Nintendo are doing for theirs if I have to.

FinalFantasyFanatic60d ago

There are a lot of games that consumers have been asking Playstation for, Playstation won't do it, so a lot of these developers have gone and made it themselves by any means possible such as Kickstarter (e.g. Armed Fantasia, Penny Blood, Ratatan, 100 Heroes, ect...). Developers have even asked if Sony could help them out with porting/remasters some of these older games for Playstation, they said no.

Crows9060d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Um...dude like you say that as if nobody bought them....the devs went on to do ghosts after 3 infamous games....3

People ask for new resistance and new infamous at every moment where it makes sense to mention it.

Having a remake of 1 and 2 would be very welcomed I'm sure.

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chicken_in_the_corn61d ago

I would love to see a new game but a feel that would get a response similar to Saints Row.

TravsVoid61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

If they keep any of the characters from the previous games I think it would do fine unlike Saints Row which decided to replace fan favorites with less likable replacements. I wouldn't be surprised if that decision caused a majority of their buyers to be new to the series rather than returning players. I will say though, if Infamous Second Son or the first two Infamous games were remade I would be a day one buyer on PC.

ocelot0761d ago

Loved all 3 of them. I couldn't get on with the vampire spin off though. Wish they didn't move away from cole but I didn't mind the other character.

DefenderOfDoom261d ago

Loved 1 and 2 , would definitely love a new INFAMOUS single player campaign.