Great Debate: The Moral Grey Area

Gamer Limit writes: "The structure of morality and the paths that we choose to take are increasingly becoming more of a central plot and gameplay element. As gamers age, so do the concepts of our games, as we struggle with our futures and our growing responsibilities. But how complex should these elements become? Should they have the ability to shape the entire experience from an unchangeable in-game action?"

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chrisjc4408d ago

I despise it when there's no grey area in games, and just black and white. Actually, I just despise a lot of "moral" games.

AcesAndEights4408d ago

Definitely, I don't think any game has really covered grey areas well yet, would be great to see one so that the way it is done can be added to this sort of discussion, rather than a purely hypothetical game.

Fullish4408d ago

I much prefer the black and white model, stops me from getting stuck trying to decide what to do.

Ziriux4408d ago

Black and white has always looked pleasing to me.

Cloud-14094408d ago

Gray is better. As in... Gray day.
Or Beige.

Vintrus4408d ago

If there wasn't shades of grey we'd all be playing kiddy games

stevedawonder4408d ago

Fallout 3, Fable 2, infamous...meh.

Fullish4408d ago

inFamous did it pretty well, the others....

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