PS3 Evangelion Game Isn't Really a Game

That mysterious new Evangelion PS3 project has turned out to be something other than a game. Namco Bandai shared official details today on Misato Katsuragi Houdou Keikaku (Misato Katsuragi's Reporting Plan), a fancy new news reader for the PS3.

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sunnygrg4407d ago

You could at least have given us Rei or Asuka as the the news reporter.


So is this going to be like the Toro station one and get its own news, or is it going to share the news with Toro Station and just be a different skin? I'd like this to come to the US for major areas like Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas and so forth.

ZeroYui4407d ago

wow if the news reporter was Rei Ayanami and this service came to the US i would actually pay to have it :P