ThePlayStatioNetwork Preview: Fight Night Round 4

TPSN's Ryan has gone hands on with EA's latest boxing title, Fight Night Round 4. There's a ton of hype for this title and, although Ryan recognizes this, I don't think he pulls any punches (sorry).

From the preview:
"When first coming upon Fight Night Round 4, your going to notice a more stylized presentation. EA has definitely gotten the hint that people love this game, and it's starting to show in the way the title is presented. It's become a little more flashy in a sense, and has more "finesse" put into it (no puns intended). Anyway, when starting up the fighting, you'll go through a little tutorial to either teach new comers how to play or give a quick refresher on the moves. Seasoned FNR 3 vets should have no problem with Fight Night Round 4. The actual gameplay itself hasn't changed much at all. A few little tweaks to the gameplay have been made but nothing significant enough to have to re-learn how to play."

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