Secret Agent Clank Sneaking Onto PS2 Today

Frank Simon on Official US PlayStation Blog:

"Greetings folks,

Just wanted to let you know to look for Secret Agent Clank on the store shelves beginning today! Sanzaru Games did a fantastic job of bringing this game to the PS2 adding and increasing textures, geometry and just raw numbers of models to make a more beautiful, richer game experience. Characters and the animation for them were rebuilt and augmented.

Couple this with an all new camera system, customized controls for the DualShock 2 and a whole lot of additional polish and love from the team and you end up with a really great game."

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Cajun Chicken3527d ago

I still can't figure out why Daxter hasn't been ported on PS2.

Johnny Rotten3527d ago

I played the demo for the PSP version 4 times I like the whole idea of Clank going stealth.

NegativeCreep4273526d ago

Hurry the F up with it people!

REPLOID243526d ago

I wanted to play this but don't have a psp. a must buy for me, and a sweet deal for ps2 gamers that haven't taken the ps3 plunge yet.

Ninjamonkey3526d ago

Well Ive played all the ratchet and clank games (apart from QFB) and personally i didnt like secret agent clank much.

I hated the rythm based games and found the stealth a little shallow. I know its only a psp game but they created what for me was a brilliant return to the older R&C games with size matters.

They do need to take R&C back to its roots more. Im hoping this new one will be like the first and second games. They were easily the best ones...

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