Now Square Enix Will Milk Eidos Properties To Death, Too!

Kotaku Australia:

Square Enix are notorious for bleeding their intellectual properties dry. You like Final Fantasy? Here's 119 Final Fantasy games, etc etc. And now that Square owns Eidos, things are only going to get worse.

Addressing shareholders following Square's purchase of Eidos, Square Enix boss Yoichi "Imperial Hot" Wada told of the company's success in creating a "number of deliverables from one worldview" for their franchises. Which is corporate speak for "we make a fuckton of money from Final Fantasy spin-offs, anime and toys".

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Smacktard3431d ago

God, I wish Square-Enix would just die already.

BlackIceJoe3431d ago

I really do not like this but if this allows for a new Legacy of Kain game. I will be ok with that. I could see Fear Effect selling really well if there would be a new game in that series. A new Gex could also be fun to see. Also I would love to see a new Freedom Fighters game too. With SE wanting to make more sequels I hope they will look at all the different IPs Eidos owns because they own some really nice ones. Plus some have not seen a sequel in years and it would be nice to play them again.