Australian Broadband Prices To Fall

New cable linking Australia to rest of the world will produce larger download quotas and cheaper monthly rates.

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darkmurder4065d ago

Ha doubt it, the corrupt ISP's here such as Bigpond and Optus will continue to keep the prices high and push this under the rug until A current affair or something does a report on it, even then they won't do anything.

admeister4065d ago

It says the cable is independantly owned, so they can't really ignore it. As long as people know this is happening, they will complain if prices stay the same as they will be getting ripped off. One way or another, prices will change.

aussieracer4065d ago

Hopefully this means that we can now get a reasonable download quota for reasonable prices. We are getting ripped off for the piss poor limits we get. Considering ADSL2+ speeds and the extremely large size of media on the internet it's just not fair.

Final_Rpg4065d ago

You know how annoyed I was when I looked at my measly 20gbs a month with Optus and found that TPG were giving nearly 6 times as much for less than what I pay... Goddam.

Kakkoii4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Telecommunications Profiteering & Greed

commodore644064d ago

tpg is good.

Their deals on adsl2+ are pretty much unbeatable.

Superfragilistic4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

I'd argue iinet is better... Larger on peak downloads and entirely free downloads/uploads on Xbox Live and iTunes.

Plus the free streaming Premier League and Super 14 are nice. :D

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FinalFantasyFanatic4064d ago

I know Internode is moving 75% of it's traffic to the new Pipe Cable, don't know about anyone else. Really Pipe should be able to force the Duopoly cable owner's prices down some. But we are still paying an arm and a leg for bandwidth, we'll just have to hope that couple of other companies invest and build several new cables out of Australia.

Zhuk4064d ago

This is great for Xbox 360 enthusiasts in Australia, Xbox LIVE will undoubtedly be more succesful with lower internet costs.

Dogswithguns4064d ago

When is it the prices cut on cable bills around here in US? I only seeing one way, going up.

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