Gaming Union: Sony Looking To Regain Momentum

Gaming Union writes "Sony's showing at E3 2008 didn't exactly set the world alight, but it certainly wasn't lacking impact. They announced a few new games and a few new bundles for their existing systems, while trying to stress what they'd achieved since the PlayStation 3 had launched. However, since then, their sales momentum has actually shifted the other way and this year's E3 is extremely important for them to regain that momentum moving forwards."

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Kyll3434d ago

Sweet cakes, I hope all three have a great E3, I want good games!

chaosatom3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

I was disappointed with all the companies last E3.

So, i am somewhat cautious about this E3, not overly enthusiastic.

Sarcasm3434d ago

The only thing Sony needs to do is keep on releasing the "AAA" games.

The only thing Nintendo needs to do is release Zelda or Star Fox or something of that magnitude, or heck a totally new IP that blows the doors off the older franchises.

The only thing MS needs to do is... well, they need to do more than just steal PS exclusives and have a party. They need more new IPs that rival PS3 exclusives.

FarEastOrient3434d ago

Sony and their family of companies has been making great games, they just need to cut the price and they would have more than a momentum on sales.

Spike473434d ago

So with every other exclusive announced, I have to put aside another that I would've liked to play.

So lets be honest, the only one that needs great games is Nintendo and its Wii.

mephman3434d ago

Yea, these first party titles are going to give wallets a beating.

Coolrah3434d ago

Full confidence in sony. I would be happy with only the games they confirmed at E3. Anything else is just icing on the cake.

*proud memeber Of SDF

Kyll3434d ago

D:!!!!!! I don't know what's going on xD.

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The story is too old to be commented.