Enhanted Arms PS3 Hands-On

Developer From Software and publisher Ubisoft aren't exactly well known for role-playing games, but interestingly enough, these two companies are bringing the first Japanese role-playing game to Sony's PlayStation 3. Enchanted Arms is the story of a young student of magic who awakens a mysterious power in his arm that clues him in to his destiny as the one who will save the world from powerful magic creatures known as golems. This is essentially a straight port of the Xbox 360 version of the game that came out last year, albeit with a few new golems and at least one use of the Sixaxis motion-control feature...

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God of Gaming4274d ago

Coming from a 360 owner who played this a year ago.. PS3 OWNERS.. AVOID THIS GAME AT ALL COSTS... horrible game.

BubblesDAVERAGE4274d ago

If u are really in need of a RPG play this game...Its not that bad story is okay battle system is decent...Just not worth 60 bucks but i will buy it jsut to have a rpg

Grown Folks Talk4274d ago

hot garbage with maggots on it.

BIadestarX4274d ago

I have this game and the story gets a bit anoying for the most part. There is also certain character that is trying to hard to show his/her true nature and his undying love towards another male character. I'm not condeming the fact that the character is gay but the character is trying too hard to show that he is and even if they added a character that is trying too hard to be a macho it would also get anoying. Avoid this game. The story line sucks. Wait for Final Fantasy if you want a real RPG game. Ohh yeah... it also gets anoying when you are drawn into battle mode every 5 steps in certain areas. It takes for ever.

omansteveo4274d ago

Yeah and so does the Gay musician guy or whatever

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