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Gamerbee3432d ago

Going to be the best experience on a console next to MGS4..

talltony3432d ago

even be aloud to hate on this game. I feel sorry for anyone who would rather hate on it than actually go out and buy a ps3. This game will be amazing!

DwightOwen3432d ago

I can't wait for this phucking game...

Simon_Brezhnev3432d ago

its looking real good i still hope it comes out next year so they can polish it even more and make it more epic as possible

DK_Kithuni_713432d ago

Yeah. We can wait. Let it be epic!

nbsmatambo3432d ago

cant w8 for this game =D

lociefer3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

You Have Earned a Trophy!
Wet Your Pants

Jinxstar3432d ago

When it's ready it's ready this year, next or the one after. Infamous got pushed up and it looks great.

Chubear3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

1) is the incredible lighting effects they display

2) Incredible top notch animations

3) General fidelity of graphics in both art styles, texturing and saturation

4) Sound quality in both atmosphere enhancement and musical themes.

When I play multiplat games the one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb is the animations. It's pretty jarring the differences and it takes a bit of time for me to ignore what looks like kinda choppy animations with multiplat games.

Jinxstar3432d ago


Don't get me wrong I am a diehard PS3 fan but I still love good multiplats. i.e. Burnout Paradise, COD4 and some of them. Assassins creed, Bioshock and others needed to bake a little more but weren't bad. Still I would get those on PC if possible...

Ninver3432d ago

Another Sony exclusive strikes again. OMG just look at the detail on kratos and the walls in the cave. They looks absolutely phenomenal. I said it before and i'll say it again, the only games i'll be buying are AAA Sony exclusives until looser third party devs start using each system to their full abilities which will be never so either way i'm still only buying Sony exclusives lol. Better luck next gen multiplats.

xwabbit3432d ago

I im like that 2 Jinxstar, if they where

- Ghost of Sparta -3432d ago

None of these are new actually. All were featured in Game Informer's March issue.

FamilyGuy3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

Just look at this

For a game to look like that is beyond amazing I'd have to invent a new word. I wish i could explain why the shading, lighting, and overall color are just "new word"!

A painting come to life or are these all just hand drawn? (I really am not sure) That looks MILES better than the trailer already.

pain777pas3432d ago

The Badass is back to bring chaos. Cant wait. Right before this comes out I'm playing the other 2 games to get back up to speed though I remember pretty much where the next should begin.

shadowfox63432d ago

How did you get all the disagrees?? I believe what you said is right, exclusives really shine on PS3, I don't need to list all of the exclusives. The 360 has exclusives which are great too, if that what the they disagreed on.

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bmatthews3432d ago

That is all that can be said...can't wait for E3

bmatthews3432d ago

disagree for what? don't the screens look amazing? and don't I have a right to be excited for E3?

Looks like there's a serial disagreebot around.

micro_invader3432d ago

They have a right to disagree with your opinion that it "looks amazing" but they could of at least commented on why they disagreed.

Although, I agree with you to a certain extent that it does looks quite nice.

I also can't wait for E3! :D

inveni03432d ago

You are the biggest disagree-a-bot on n4g, man. Seems strange when someone disagrees with you for a really stupid reason, doesn't it?

Jaces3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

Bring the pain Kratos!!!

DaTruth3432d ago

They disagreed with the premise that that was all that could be said. They apparently believe more could be said! I didn't disagree, but I do believe more could be said

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lloyd_wonder3432d ago

Not exactly new, but great pics.

Madgunner3432d ago

I think uncharted 2 beats killzone... but i think GOWIII will destroy U2

OmarJA3432d ago

It's really amazing how the PS3 got the best looking exclusives.

njmzhang3432d ago

Well, I think it's because of the art direction

360 man3432d ago

its not really that impressive

kingdom under fire 2 surpasses it greatly

UnwanteDreamz3432d ago

Ha a multiplatform RTS, I don't think so....

360 man3432d ago

so just because its multi platform automatically means its not allowed to be superior?

please next time before u speak, think about wat ur sayin first

SixAmpFuze3432d ago

theres nothing graphically impressive about god of war 3.Uncharted 2 looks alot better and it doesnt matter how detailed kratos is, the camera isnt gonna be a a position where u will see his nipples. its gonna be like too human. not gameplay camera

raztad3432d ago

I love how some of you come to trash talk GoW3 cause you dont own a ps3. E3 is just around the corner, "only chaos" graphic fidelity gameplay will be demoed. Furthermore, Im pretty confident that "only chaos" trailer has already been surpassed by actual game graphics. Santa Monica Studio are the guys behind the previous GoW iterations, they will deliver big time.

BTW, Kingdom under fire 2, judging by the actual gameplay segment looks like LAIR.

Sarcasm3432d ago

"theres nothing graphically impressive about god of war 3."

Right there is absolutely NOTHING impressive about god of war 3. Let's just completely forget the reveal trailer showing how Kratos could be a mm size in comparison to a Titan that is a living breathing level in itself. Let's just completely forget the insanely smooth animations of Kratos. Let's just close our eyes on the details of those pictures.


360 man3432d ago

@ raztad

ur obviously living in a coo coo land, the trailer ur talkin bout is a CGI trailer which is not going to get surpassed this generation. not even by ur precious ps3 sorry to break the news to u.

and last time i checked lair didnt have thousands upon thousands of people fighting each other each shaded with detail.

theres no game to date thats been able to achieve wat kingdom under fire 2 engine is doing now

Ven10003431d ago

Get your facts straight. The full length video for God of War 3 is all IN-GAME footage. This has been talked about many times.

Too_Hyped3431d ago

360 man self ownage.

It was gameplay footage, it was confirmed long ago.

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