The Bender Podcast - E3, 3D Realms (again), and Fallout DLC

Binge Gamer writes: Apologies for the day late posting of The Bender this week, my time has been consumed by Sacred 2. This however doesn't take away from the greatness of this episode. We got a continuation of the oddness that is the 3D Realms story, a whole bunch of E3 talk, and James gloating about Fallout 3 DLC coming to PS3. Fun game for this week, guess who is drunk, Allison or Perry (answer is at the very end of the episode). Enjoy!

Show notes | Topics

Pre-E3 Discussion/Predictions/Desires

Starlight v.3


3D Realms Isn't Closed, Even Though It Closed

Capcom Japan, Koei and Square Enix limiting E3 Presence Because of Swine Flu

Warner Bros. Makes a Bid to Buy Midway

Kojima's Countdown

Fallout 3 DLC coming to PS3 aka JW gloats

Jack Thompson's Louisiana Video Game Bill Gets Gutted

Terminator Salvation on PC is *sigh* Terminated

TRITTON Announces New Headsets for E3

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