Nier, action game from Square Enix

Square recently announced Nier, an action-adventure game that would fall more in the line with the combo-chain attack feel of Ninja Gaiden or Devil May Cry if it didn´t feature a protagonist in his late 30s trying to find a cure for his ailing daughter. How´s that fo a strange twist on an otherwise macho-tastic genre? Very intriguing. Nier is set for a 2010 release for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360; expect us to venture deeper once we dig up more info.

Source: OXM.

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xino5057d ago

Oh sweet
Another Hack n Slash!

Let's see if there's any black people on it, or black people are the thugs.

Game looks like it'll be on PsP

Sarick5056d ago (Edited 5056d ago )

If SE is smart they'll make it geared around the KH style action. I don't mean make it exactly like KH. Just the combat style and the way the story progresses without making it a KH game with a KH story or characters.

SpoonyRedMage5056d ago (Edited 5056d ago )

Yes, hoepfully they can make the game unique because it'll just end up as one of many in an already overcrowded genre if they don't.

How many hack n slashers are coming out this year or next anyway?

keith-ps35056d ago

and what #%&! does that mean

SpoonyRedMage5056d ago (Edited 5056d ago )

ooo, nice, going for an older protagonist again. They backed out of that with FFXII because of the low sales of Vagrant Story.

Nice if it's multiplatform as well. Wonder what team's making it, the new Western studio?

NinjaRyu5056d ago

the western team is working on this & the new front mission 360 game.

MajesticBeast5056d ago

release 13 alrdy and stop with the shovelware se.

Edge11055056d ago

maybe se should actually finish a next gen game before working on another one. that have what? last rememnant? if thats all they have to offer, i'll pass.

STK0265056d ago

Oh, don't worry, they'll finish it. Well, the 360 version that is, and it will most likely feel a bit rushed. But finished nonetheless.

It seems that SE's most productive teams are working on it's many handheld games, which are actually quite good and are selling very well. But when it comes to consoles, they seem unable to deliver a "great" game by themselves (SO4 being developped by Tri-Ace) in a reasonable timeframe. Hopefully, 2010 will be the year when most of their numerous projects are finished.

Shuya5056d ago

I bet it'll be release before FFxiii is lol, good thing us final fantasy fans are used to waiting eh.

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The story is too old to be commented.