330° hints at two BIG reveals coming next week

Italian Eurogamer staff revealed directly to their forum members that wednesday or thursday of the upcoming week, all the various Eurogamer networks (apart from are going to disclose two big, unannounced games. The official reveal will take place at E3, but Eurogamer got the exclusive on this one and is going to offer to the whole world a - somewhat deep - sneak peak.

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Barack-Obama-Sucks3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

MGS5 and FFV13 for 360 (i dont like ff but vs looks gud)

*Crosses fingers*

Forrest Gump3529d ago

What you got against Obama man?

Forrest Gump3529d ago

Ah,so his non-existent Religious beliefs are what make him suck.For a second there I thought you actually had a legit problem with the President of the United States and/his Administration.

tdrules3529d ago

@Forrest, please dont give that kind of person attention.
there will always be critics, some even post true information...

ShabzS3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )


Mc Caine get off the computer. the election is over, you lost.. move on man

kharma453529d ago

At least Gordon Brown is ruining/running your country.

Guitardr853529d ago

Not saying I agree with Obama-sucks, but in truth, the US military did burn bibles in Afghanistan for the sole purpose of gaining support. I'm a fan of the "wall of separation of church and state" as ole Ben Franklin put it, but at what point are you selling out?

beavis4play3529d ago

this is a gaming site guys.

Awesome Possum3528d ago

This is why politics on game websites turn into flame wars.

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tdrules3529d ago

well the guy said Benin, which is in Nigeria :/

dylandurden3529d ago

It was Google Translator. The guy didn't mention Benin at all ;)

Barack-Obama-Sucks3529d ago

please can somone help me answer this question?

Why is xbox360 better than ps3

artgamer3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Its not.

Heres why, watch this guys series.

And since you're a f*ckin racist I'll warn you the guy is black so don't judge him on that, explains exactly why PS3 is better than 360.

Beg For Mercy3529d ago

Off barack dosent suck you [email protected], second ps3 is better than 360

Panipal20053528d ago

Oh yeah BO sucks, since your comments in the <--- gamer zone are gonna get deleted soon, here's a bit of advice, DON'T LET YOURSELF GET CAUGHT UP IN BS POLITICAL OFF TOPIC ARGUMENTS. THEY SUCK. YOU SUCK.

Obama3528d ago

It's better than ps3 at sucking that's for sure.

TheMART3528d ago

It isn't that hard is it.

360 cost half that POS3 and they can do about the same, with 95% of all multiplats running best on the 360. Not to forget that XBL simply is premium online gaming, with features after 2.5 years PSN still not matched and probably won't this gen. Maybe PS4 that is.

Man_of_the_year3527d ago

Its funny that all the droids jump into this right away. Dude the PS3 and 360 have different features that best suit others needs. Just decide what features for either system best suits your needs and wants. if you can afford a PS3 then chances are you can also afford a 360. Buy both. As most 360 owners will tell you...they own both. As most PS3 owners tell you....the PS3 is the best. You decide what is best for YOU. I for one wouldn't listen to the Droids on this site that only own the PS3. they are not gamers, they are haters. If multiplats seem to interest you more, then the 360 may be the best bet as it is 1/3 the cost of the PS3 and 90% of the time the game runs better and has exclusive DLC for the multiplats you like.

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they're forcing Afghans to become Christians, they first destroy their country and then they offer them bibles W.T.HECK!!

MajesticBeast3529d ago

it isnt what have you been playing your big aaa game ninja blade? or maybe just watching sales numbers? Maybe they can make a game about sales would sell 5million i guess.

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