Console Monster: Fallout 3 DLC - Broken Steel Review

Console Monster writes: "Months have passed and all the while I have been waiting patiently for my time to come out of the shadows. It has finally come about and it's time to put down the poorer redundant games and return to the wastelands. Truth be told I extremely enjoyed Fallout 3, and with this DLC having its name attached I am automatically tempted to give it a 9.5 and be done with it; however for the purpose of professionalism (argh!) I will proceed to review the game with an open mind, beyond my favouritism.

Broken Steel, the title of the latest downloadable content available, takes place after (yes, just trust me on this one) the ending. The main aspect of the downloadable content is the continuation of the game, with three key quests along with a handful of side quests. Also included is the largely important feature of a level raise from 20 to 30, extra enemies, fresh weapons, more armour and new perks to cover the additional 10 levels. You will also find that impressively the game will account for any decisions you made in the original content, with quests and encounters having altered depending on the path you have chosen..."

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