Console Monster: UNO Rush Review

Console Monster writes: "There's no doubt in my mind that UNO was one of the surprise hits of the Xbox Live Arcade. When it released, not even Microsoft could predict that thousands of gamers would sit down to play a simple card game accompanied by some soothing music. UNO fans rejoiced in June 2008 when a sequel to the popular title was revealed at the E3 Expo in the form of UNO Rush.

The concept behind UNO was to be the first person to successfully call "UNO" and be the first person to discard of all their cards on the discard pile. Taking it in turns, cards of the same colour or number to the one on the discard pile would be placed on top. Alternatively, players can place an "action" card which changes the colour of the pile. Not being able to play, results in the player obtaining a card from the deck..."

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