MCM Expo Comes to Town

Thousands of gamers, anime fans and cosplayers of widely varying quality descended on ExCel, an exhibition centre in London, for one of the biggest events in the collective industrys' calendar today, the 15th MCM Expo. Running for two days, 23rd May and 24th May 2009, those few Electronic Theatre readers who managed to miss today's show may just have enough time to organise the necessary travelling arrangements, and grab that Bomberman outfit they've been saving for a special occasion.

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xino4503d ago

What da hell!? 24th. Which is today.
I can still go!!!

". Activision displayed Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, although it was unfortunately in video form only, "
". Assassin’s Creed II marketing featured heavily throughout the show, yet the game was suspicious by its absence, "

Yup another lie, just like how Live said they will show Ninja Gaiden 2 demo but wasn't even there.

I never liked going to this damn show, it only focuses on anime, manga and sci-fi (geek stuff). The games are just there to attract us, and no the games are not big stuff you'll expect.

Blackcanary4503d ago

I was there it was great had such a great time and bought a crap load of stuff. Went yesterday.