Bill Clinton in Fallout 3? Not so fast...

GamePolitics writes:

"There's a lot of noise around the web today about former President Bill Clinton being Bethesda Softworks first choice to be the voice of President John Henry Eden in "Fallout 3". It's a great story - but it's not entirely accurate."

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ElementX3435d ago

I think it would've been cool for President Clinton to be one of the voices of the robots of former presidents.

The Pheen-X3433d ago

I wonder if Monica Lewinsky is going to be in it as well.

KionicWarlord2223433d ago

This would have been a great idea. Bill clinton could have voiced over as himself. That would be interesting....also that pic is hilarious.

Sangria3433d ago

I don't know about the US version, but the French dubs for President John Henry Eden was really great, he had a honey and paternal voice, the perfect match for the perfect propaganda. That was really pleasing to listen the Enclave radio, even if it was heavy propaganda.

PS360WII3433d ago

While the end choice of Malcolm McDowell was a great pick it would of been neat/funny to hear Clinton talking in Fallout