Logitech Remotes Play Nice With PS3: For $60?

Logitech pushes out an adapter to make Harmony universal remotes able to control the PS3. Is it worth it?

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Parapraxis5055d ago (Edited 5055d ago )

I'd buy it IF it were bundled with the remote and at decent price. Otherwise you're looking at the cost of a Hormony remote + 60$ adaptor, and that is just laughable.
I think the hassle of having the extra PS3 remote around at a very reasonable cost is far less annoying than shelling out for this silly component.

Sorry Logitech, but you have wasted a ton of R&D on a product that very few people in their right mind would purchase.

Forrest Gump5055d ago

It's def worth it for the Blu-ray Movie crowd,no doubt about it.

Raoh5055d ago

I plan on getting one but Parapraxis is right, its an expensive combo getting the remote and the adapter.

I'm going to get a refurbished remote, usually run about $40-$60